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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ludicra / Krallice / Bastard Sapling @ The Triple (04-21-10) ((RVA))

Bastard Sapling was the first band to play the show. I really didn’t know much about them going into the show but I knew that one of there members was an ex member of cannabis corpse, a band that I find to be bluntly just amusing. They put on a decent set of your typical Richmond black metal variety. It was a decent thrashing set with a good amount of head nodding and pushing in the minimal degree. There set really wasn’t anything that engrossed me much but at the same time really wasn't all that bad. Overall is was a satisfactory opening set.

Krallice was next and was definitely the set I was anticipating the most of the night. Just a couple months ago I discovered their self titled record and was just blown away by there new style approach to black metal. Crushing almost numbing instruments eclipsed by the death yells of the vocals. It is something that is just engrossing and blows my mind every time I listen to it. There live show was definitely the same mix of fast and destroying metal that just fills your body with a feeling of being brain fucked. There was a downside to there live last and that was some technical difficulties happened. Things like guitar strings busting and mic stands breaking caused the set to stop a couple times, killing the build up of songs that makes this band such a great force in the metal. Even with the technical difficulties aside these guys put on a mind melting set very similar to that of the Liturgy show that happened a month back at The Triple, and was definitely sick as fuck.

Ludicra was last on the bill and they were a group I honestly knew less about then I probably should of. I knew they had a girl vocal section in their group, and where in similar vein of Krallice and other black metal groups but definitely of a slower pace of metal. There set was actually probably the most enjoyable of the night due to minimal technical difficulties as well as a crowd that was way more energetic for there set than that of Krallice. Really good buildups with tense almost horse vocals brought a real sense of depravity to the music that was quite fascinating to watch. I really should look more into this group, because there set was sick and definitely the highlight of the night.

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