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Monday, April 19, 2010

ignaz schick @ ghostprint gallery (04-18-10) // various videos


So Ignaz Schick played at Ghostprint Gallery last night. Dude is from Germany and puts together real interesting blend on ambient noise compositions with the use of a turntable and various every day house hold items being scrapped and delayed into a wave of sounds. Night was a really great mix of terrestrial brain fucks and uplifting almost spiritual spaced out ambient bliss blips. It was a really shame that about only 5 people showed up for the show, which brought a feeling to the place of disappointment about the lack of support music of the experimental kind gets from Richmond VA in this day in age. So to sum up this review I would just to say that Ignaz Schieck put on a really good set of ambient noise music, as well as just being a kind and chill dude from my talking to him after the show. Id also like to suggest to you people that read this blog to check out the group HZ Collective, AKA the people who put on this show and many others great show of this nature in Central VA.


These guys put on some real sick experimental shows in both Charlottesville and Richmond VA and honestly more people should be looking into what these guys are doing, cause I know there is enough interest in the things these guys do but there is just a lack of of knowledge on this type of music that keeps people from knowing about shows of this nature.


White Mice - Live at The Triple - April 13, 2010 - Richmond, Virginia from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.

Video of the White Mice show last week at The Triple. Video is a little darker then the show actually was, but definitely captures in good detial why this group is so great and menacing live. Thanks to Silver Persinger for recording this show.

Video for the new LCD Soundsystem song Drunk Girls. Not sure on my actual feelings about this song but i'm really enjoy this videos Mr. Freedom like vibes (check out the film Mr. Freedom if you haven't seen it yet). Definitely one of the more amusing music videos i've seen in a while.

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