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Friday, April 23, 2010

23 April 2010 - Harrisonburg


Pants for Bears / Dish Dogs @ Little Grill Collective

"Pants for Bears will be playing with the Dish Dogs for our first Little Grill show in 3 months. As the semester is wrapping up for some of you and the weather is getting better, come out and spend a night rocking out with friends. There is NO COVER CHARGE and this is an ALL AGES show. So come out one and all, bring your friends, and get down to some donkey tonk and some psychedelic space funk!"

also donkey tonk is an awesome phrase, I want to take that phrase and use it all the time.

Equestrians / The House Floor (kind of) @ Blue Nile

Caught The House Floor's set @ Clementine on Saturday of MACRoCk, and I can't remember for the life of me why I liked it, but I remember commenting on how blown away I was by the end of their set.  Allegedly, most of the members of The House Floor had to drop so there's only going to be one guy there tonight, but you should still go, because it will still be good.

Wale / Jason Derülo / DJ Earworm @ JMU Convocation Center

Not something I would really cover, but there a few things I have to say about this show.

1.)  Who spells their name "Wale" when it's pronounced "Walé"?  Also, way too close to sounding like WALL-E.  Clearly this guy has never taken a French class.  

2.)  Also, Jason Derülo should be a nice fat suckfest, considering the guy's probably only recorded one album, which sold only 91,000 copies and was described so eloquently described as, "a deafening hollowness, an unashamed fakery akin to a dream-state where fantasy and reality have become mixed and hopelessly muddied... this soulless Auto-Tune-fest is one to avoid."  Ouch?  On the brighter side, this guy knows how to use accents in his name.

3.)  DJ EARWORM?  THAT'S AWESOME.  Too bad he's stuck on this bill and not playing downtown.  *sob*

ALSO, there will be an Alley Cat downtown tonight sponsored by the JMU Earth Club?  Maybe?  Bike scavenger hunt, should be fun, you know the drill.  Bring a helmet and $5.  OH YEAH and a bike.  That would be pretty awkward if you showed up without a bike (especially if you brought a helmet).


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