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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Thanks to Ryan Ulsh for putting together this show, and putting me on the bill! So to start the night I fucking walked to the venue with my shit because of a ride failure. When I arrived, there was nary a soul except for the bands themselves and some folks at the bar.

So I (RHYTHM BANDIT) basically played to the bands and some locals at the bar. I did my normal improv loop stuff in the darkness and it was thoroughly enjoyable. To end the set I fucked some shit up, I turned on a very bright industrial light blinding the crowd and threw my floor tom across the venue. I then threw myself into the chairs and tables and shattered a glass. FUN!

Next up was Harrisonburg's own BUCK GOOTER. When they started my mind was throttled. I couldn't pin what they were doing down. The band consisted of young boy Billy Brat programming drum machine and beating the shit out of a theremin, also yelling his ass off. The other member was old man Terry Turtle, who was on the other end of the musical spectrum with his tripped out guitar strumming and singing. I heard some Big Black when Billy Brat was screaming over electronic drums and I heard some Niel Young when terry turtle was doing his thang. Weird but cool. Check them out in Cville @ Random Row Books 3/21.

Then comes STRESS APE, there was some confusion as to whether they were playing or not BUT they definitely roared! Stress Ape are a four piece from the yay area!!! Oakland California. DOOM ROCK is what they were. They didn't blow my mind but I liked their sludgy tones, one song in particular "Drown The Rats" because it was abrasive and probably their most upbeat number. I'm not sure if doom rock is my thing, I like music that makes me move, but if it's YOUR thing I'm sure you'd like their set.

TEETH MOUNTAIN. You may know them of their recent fame on the popular television program Judge Judy, but I've known them as an epic band from Baltimore, MD who I saw open for Dan Deacon at William & Mary last April. To me their music is in two parts the droning/psychedelic/noisy part and then the tribal/enticing/energy of the drumming which combine rather nicely. For this tour they're on... NARWALZ (OF SOUND) has joined the band. He didn't add his spazzy freak out per usual but he mixed in his use of glitchy gameboy sounds to a great effect. For this show in particular one of their drummers Greg Fox couldn't make it so Andrew Bernstein took his place from his usually post playing saxophone. ALSO they had some sick projected visuals going on. I thought that they played a fairly solid set and got to groove to some moving tribal beats while the other sounds washed over my head. I don't think they were happy with it but I almost always feel that way when I play live. It was good. See them next time you can. '

TM are on Norfolk, VA record label SHDWPLY RECORDS which you should check out. If you like what they're doing and are game for a trip to Harrisonburg... check out SHDWPLY artist PC Worship who are playing at the Blue Nile on Sunday March 14th with Ultra Dolphins and Whatever Brains.

Time for me to sleep and get ready to go to SF.
I'll keep posted on musical adventure's I may have while I'm there.


DYLAN /////////////////////////////////////

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