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Friday, March 26, 2010


picture of PATTERN IS MOVEMENT //////// via MBV

DBB Plays Cups :: were on first for the night. David Baker Benson writes and records the songs himself and you never know what to expect at his live shows. Revolving cast of musicians/arrangements/etc. For this performance the songs between you and David were a little bit more intimate due to there being no drummer. It didn't feel like as much of a rock set as usual, even though it was three guitars and a bass! I heard someone comment about how it seemed like they just put shows on because they didn't have a practice space, not in a bad way, it just seemed like they were experimenting and jamming out on stage. Also new material I had not heard before, didn't let me down. To explain this band to you here's a mini-doc on them made by Gary Canino and Blake Sirach.

Knight of the Garter from Blake Sirach on Vimeo.

Horse's Mouth :: second act of the night, I caught their set last time around with Invisible Hand, and I thought this was an improvement. Last night they seemed much more together than they had when I saw the m a while back. Even though I thought they were great then, now they are secured in what they are...which is an awesome pop group. Lead singer Tavo Carbone uses his unique singing style, and crazy guitar playing to his advantage. Although at the core you can hear normal folk influenced rock songs, there's this bend that the group buts onto the songs that make them wacky at times, delightfully weird and atmospheric, or just plain pretty. Check dem out. Here's a live vid of "As I Climb" I think it's my favorite song of the group.

Andrew Cedermark :: I've been seeing / sharing bills with this guy a few times now, and I think every time I see him I enjoy what he's doing more. It might be because his solo ensemble might be growing more a part of his live act than a back band, BUT nonetheless his show last night was killer/// especially this song...

also this video's real fucking cool too...

Here's a (review?) of a new track "From Memory" on pitchyforky AND Mr. Cedermark will be releasing a split with another cville group the DRUNK TIGERS ! some time around May so watch out for that ... also you can catch both Andrew Cedermark and Drunk Tigers at MACRoCk in Harrisonburg, VA this year.

:: I remember the last gig they had at the tea haus. It was a very sexxxy performance where they stripped down their set up to the bare minimum which made for a very unique performance. This time however they brought full force. Full drum kit, electric piano, synth, bass pedals, sampler. Last night was a much bigger sound. So they could play much bigger songs. There were a few intimate moments however when Andrew Thiboldeaux was wrench out his throat with crooning falsetto and bringing his voxxx and the music down low just to shoot it back up again with crying intensity. There's definitely some major soul influence in there. They did a cover of "Untitled" by D'angelo. sweeet.
Damn actually just found a video of that cover with THA ROOTS, who are also from Philly, riding shotgun.


Both men have a good touch on their instruments going from heavy pounding ((breaking the bass drum stand)) to light murmuring with their instruments and voice. yada yada. I think this band should be seen///not reviewed. BUT A+ the song they ended with was the title of their tour and a brand new one that was on their tour only EP "The Light Of The World"
here it is bro or sis

Last night was the last night of their tour, and it was a fun one. They got to go home after 5 weeks! They're tour manager was a nice dude and may be the only other person I know named Dylan that I'll let slide. Nice guyz, and hopefully I'll hang out with them again soon.

- "Pillow Talk"

from Masks. New EP that came out March 23, 2010 on Thrill Jockey Records featuring three different limited edition die-cut covers printed in metallic inks.



1 comment:

Courtney said...

Hey, Dylan
I'm the tour publicist for the yep roc label group. I'd love to add you to my list to receive promos as bands come through. If you shoot me an email at courtney@yeproc.com with your contact info, I'll add you to my list.