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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joanna Newsom N' Some Spoonz


Joanna Newsom is one of those musician that seems to have either two camps. Either you love her playful vocals and lyric style with the very unique use of harp in the modern folk context. Or you end up in the other camp, people who cant stand the way she sings, and think she's just one of those musicians that people like to make themselves unique. Not sure if her set i was at up in DC would change the minds of people that don't understand what she is about, but for people who are fans of her music it was definitely a great night of spot on music.

The night started off with an opening set by "The Moore Brothers". This right here has to go down as one of the hardest opening sets for my to stomach. This might of been due to me just being so excited for Joanna Newsom's set that i didn't want to set through another musicians set or maybe The Moore Brothers just weren't that good of a group. There sound was a lack luster almost childish version of Simon and Garfunkel style folk without any of the pop sensibilities and forceful vocals that made that group enjoyable and successful. Basically it wasn't my thing, and something I couldn't recommend at all. (I heard Fred Armisen of SNL did the opening set for the Cville show, sounds interesting, any good?)

Joanna Newsom was up fairly shortly after and her set was to be blunt just incredible. Unlike lots of artist now in days where I feel like there is some sort of live gimmick (Monotonix i'm looking at you) Joanna Newsom just delivers a spot on and direct performance of her material that is just so enjoyable to watch her craft be created around in front of you. Both her voice and musical skills are spot on when she plays live and there is a in-grousing energy that comes from the whole thing. Overall there just isn't much to say beside the set was just amazing and was defiantly one of the better concerts I've seen in a long time. Hopefully the Cville show was as good as the one I saw (i'm assuming it was, she seems to have talent and what not).

(((newsom on jimmy fallon - soft as chalk)))


Why I keep going back to The National after basically stating in many conversations it being one of my least favorite venues to see a show something i just don't understand. Beside for GWAR's yearly show at the venue I've very rarely ever been impressed by anything I've seen there. Last nights Spoon / Deerhunter / The Strange Boys combo package was one of the better things I've seen there so far but it was definitely a show that could of gotten more justice at a better venue.

((googled strange boys - got this - i'm allowing it))

The Strange Boys were first on the bill and there set was something I have mixed feelings on. Im a really big fan of there studio material (with Be Brave being so far one of the best records of this year). However there set seemed to be kind of lifelessness. This might of been due to the fact that The National sabotaged there vocals (this happens far to often at this place) or maybe just the fact that opening to a bunch of kids who seemed just there to see Spoon didn't get them the most excited to play there set. Also noticeable about there was lack of member Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt of Mika Miko fame (maybe she's not in the group anymore? I really have no clue). The Strange Boys are a group that I feel like is going to be going places but last night sets was absolutely no indicator of this, which is really just a shame.

((funny right?))

Deerhunter were up after them and luckily there set was of better substance. While still troubled with some vocal issues (Bradford Cox vocals probably should of been a little higher in the mix) the force of The National's speakers worked well with the mix of ambient sounds of punkish rock ideals that come from Deerhunters music. There set seemed to be plagued with the same lack from the audience that happened during The Strange Boys, but they were able to channel this lack of care not by playing worse but just by using silly almost 70s no wave style antics to make the crowd feel uncomfortable. While this being the least interesting Deerhunter set I've seen so far, it was still a very enjoyable set and they still are one of the most interesting rock groups making music right now.

((see hows its bent - im so creative))

Lets be upfront, I've never been a huge fan of Spoon. I have nothing against them per say they are just a group that has never done much for me. I stayed around for the first 6 songs of there set but ended up leaving after that due to me rationalizing that I had to much homework to do and an odd desire to watch some Frasier. If you a fan of spoon i assume the night was a success, but for me there really wasn't anything that interesting about it (yep im hating // im sorry).

- andy

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