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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Damn there are a lot of sweet shows going on in Charlottesville this month // Richmond is still fly though - don't worry

(10-09) tUnE - yArDs / Nelly Kate / Princeton @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((charlottesville)))
tUnE - yArDs is easily one of my favirote discovery of this year. Brillant basement ukulele jams that rattle and hit you in just all the right places. Nelly Kate is also on the bill, real sweet Julianna Barwick bedroom like jams is how this girl rolls (hopefully Julianna Barwick isn't to obscure a reference point). If your in cville this show is mandatory to attend // damn the tea house has gotten fly again

(10-09 - 10-11) Richmond Folk Festival @ Brown Island (Downtown Richmond)
www.richmondfolkfestival.org/ (its free / its fun / check it out)

(10-10) Titus Andronicus / The So So Glos (((charlottesville)))
Ill be frank / both times ive seen Titus Andronicus live I have felt kind of disappointed. It wasn't that both shows were necessarily bad performances - there was just no energy in the crowd what so ever at all. However their album last year The Airing Of Grivences was one of the best reocrds of 08. So basically even with the disapointing live shows / I still oddly put faith in this bands live show (supposedly they put on some kick ass live shows - i haven't scene any of them myself). The So So Glos round up the bill and they seem to fit the bill quite nicley. Real fun energetic garage rock. Hopefully this time the show will be a good rowdy rock show

(10-12) Phosphorescent @ TBD (((charlottesville)))
Since Is Venue has just recently shut its doors, this show honestly might not be happening anymore. Which is really quite a shame because Phosphorescent makes some awesome modern folk-country hybrid jams. Hopefully the shows find a new home (Outback Lodge? // Fry Spring's Beach Club perhaps?)


(10-14) Monotonix / Turbo Fruits / Brainworms @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl
BEST LIVE BANDS OF ALL TIME. Seen this band twice before and each time it has ended with my beaten - tierd - covered in Israeli sweat - and yet totally satisfied. Turbo Fruits sound like intereting southern garage rock - but I don't know much about them yet. Brainworms finishes the bill. They are easily of the best rock bands in Richmond right now - real fun energetic sets is what these guys deliver. STRAIGHT UP YOU BETTER ATTEND THIS SHOW RICHMOND PEOPLE

(10-15) Real Estate / Andrew Cedermark @ The Southern (((charlottesville)))
Another surf styled lo-fi rock group - damn there are so many of these bands coming out right now. You could complain about the over abundance output this style of music has had, but honestly this whole lo-fi thing seems to be the most organic thing happening with rock at this moment. Real Estate are New Jersey lo-fi associated with Ducktails and Titus Andronicus I do believe // Andrew Cedermark rounds up the bill. Ex member of Titus Andronicus who now resides in Charlottesville. Dreamy lo-fi rock is what this guy does (BIG SHOCK).

(10-22) Dark Meat / Stephen Steinbrink @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((charlottesville)))
Southern psychedlic folk rock is back in ville. Last time Dark Meat played it was a re-dick throw around. Real happy to see that the tea house has already booked this guys for another show. Stephen Stinkbrink fills up the bill / puts on a modern age singer song writer folk thing, haven't listened to him much but i've heard extraordinary hype from other people about this guy

(10-23) Mount Eerie / No Kids /Tara Jane O'Neil / Stephen Steinbrink @ UVA Chapel (((charlottesville)))
King of raw dazed out campfire folk music // if you haven't heard of this guy - not sure how you dropped the ball on it but check him out pronto. Sounds like this tour is going to be accompanied by a full band - which should really be able to present the metal esthetic of his new album Wind's Poem (one of the best records of 09). No Kids / Tara Jane O'Neil & Stephen Steinbrink are all opening for this show. all bands are intriguing and should fit in their own folk n' indie ways. A MUST ATTEND SHOW // MOUNT EERIE IS GREAT // UVA CHAPEL IS THE BEST

(10-23) GWAR / The Red Chord @ The National
Lets say your to lazy to go to Charlottesville and see Mount Eerie but still want to see a show on the 23rd. Well then your in luck because local champs GWAR and back in RVA. You know the drill on how this one works (THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!!). Supposedly opening act The Red Chord is a rad grindcore outfit - but I haven't honestly checked them out yet. If you haven't seen GWAR before do yourself the favor and see them live / one of the best shows around.

(10-28) Vivian Girls / The Super Vacations / The Invisible Hand @ Outback Lodge (((charlottesville)))
The Vivian Girls are back in VA. Supposedly last show at Outback Lodge was quite fantastic - and i'm pumped to attend this one now more than ever considering that their new album Everything Goes Wrong is still the same solid free flowing rock jams of the last one (this is a good thing I swear). The Super Vacations & The Invisible Hand are both opening for this yet, both bands put on fun garage rock sets. Should be a killer night // attend bro

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