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Monday, September 28, 2009

OvO / SubArachnoid Space / Souvenir’s Young America / Ultra Dolphins @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl (09-27-09)

Night started out with a set from Souvenir's Young America. Real blissed out metal infused with noise and harmonica freak outs. Their set was actually quite intense at times and I was very impressed by the whole thing. From their body language through the night they seemed a little disappointed with their set. Honestly i'm not sure what they were upset about, they are some of the best local support ive seen in a while.

SubArachnoid Space was next up to bat. Total rad and vicious spaced out rock is what these guys deliver. The rumble of the rock that comes out of their amps just takes you on this new age freak out journey that is something just incredible to witness. You just sit back and let it erase your mind. Really didnt know much about these guys going into the show, but they are differently a band now that i'm gonna do some reasarch on.

The first thing you need to know about Ovo's set was that it was a total barrage of many performance art antics. Between the mask and dress combo both band mates were wearing, to starting a show by rining bells for a couple minutes and walking around the audience, to literally playing a bow on the dreads of the female singer - creating a disarray of noise feedback (no joke). These elemtns add to the tension and desperation of the music, and made this one of the stranger show ive seen in quite some time. But even when you put these performance art pieces aside you still have a real sick rock group. With minimal but pounding percussion, to built up guitar sounds being engulfed by the death growl of a women. Their is something quite unique about this group but is so hard to pin down. Either way after this show - I couldn't be more excited for what this band has in store down the road.

Sort of ducked out of seeing Ultra Dolphins to hang with some friends, sorry guys - it was nothing personal

Overall pretty solid night, kind of a shame so few people seem to end up at shows when they happen at Duckpin (that travel across the bridge might be just to much to handle) but still im happy to see that shows of this style still come to richmond.

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