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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monotonix / Brainworms / Turbo Fruits @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl (10-14-09)

Turbo Fruits started off the night. They put on a set of fun southern garage rock sounds. Was a chill opening act set for sure. Nothing that really blew my mind, but these guys seem to be on track with making some real solid rock music.

Brainworms where next on the bill. Real sweet post hardcore from Richmond. Lots of aggressive vocal and guitars mixed with on again of again moshing. These guys are really one of the more interesting group in town right now (espically with the decline of noise music in RVA) Could really see this band breaking out into some from of popularity (whatever that actually means now in days)

Now you could easily write a review about how a Monotonix show is ridiculous, how they drum surf, how they just cant stay still, and how they do the most over the top things at shows (like pour beers on their drum kit / themselves - or just catch their drum on fire). All of these things are fun antics, but after already writing a review about the mayhem of their shows a year ago when they played at Gallery 5 - I really think a more interesting question lingers. What is Monotonix's place in rock music.

They are most definitely a group that is over the top. Their antics have most definitely gotten them the label of being a band for hipsters - a generation that stands for nothing but things that sick out against the norms. However their is something more interesting going on if you look past these amusing orchestrated tricks. Monotonix at is a core is a band that is making some of the most interesting primal rock music around. Music that makes you want to fuck some shit up.

Last night show was sadly the least interesting of the times I have seen them. Maybe it was the fact that I have already seen them twice before, or maybe its the fact that I was beyond acceptable sickness to go out to a concert, but something felt off during the show. Their was still some great moments during the show, that displayed the much talked about charm of Monotonix 100%. However there was an air of drunk violence that I just wasn't in the mood for last night. Monotonix's are a group that I will probably see again, and it seemed like almost everyone in the venue was having a fantastic rime, and hell I enjoyed myself to. It was just not the mega-fuck of a show that I was hoping for that night. Still one of hell of a night

photo courtesy of PJ Sykes

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