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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peelander-Z @ Mojo's (09-15-09)

One of the greatest concerts I ever attended in high school was going to see Peelander-Z play at Outback Lodge. Never before had I seen a band so out of control and yet so ridiculously positive at the same time. With their catchy pop-punk songs fused with engaging concert gimmicks (handing out pans n' drum sticks to bang on // human bowling // etc) they where a band forever sketched in my mind as one of the most fun live bands around. And now a year later after that show I have been reaffirmed that this band truly is still one of the best live acts.

The night started off with a group called "Baby Help Me Forget". To be honest I really wasn't paying to much attention to their set for I was eating french fries with some friends. They put on a rock set - it seemed acceptable.

After that was "The Bottle". They put on a fun energetic punk(ish) set. Its that type of punk where its not really hard core - but then to just call it punk wouldn't really fully described it (yeah - one of those bands) It was a fun opening act / and I could see these guys really going some where with their music.

After that bundle of opening acts it was time for Peelander-Z. As stated before this group did not disappoint. Between the mad energy of people dancing / to the other worldly presence that is Peelander-Z / or the fact that these guys even without their over the top personas know how to play some kick ass rock tunes - basically their set was mad fun all around. Seriously whenever you get the possibility to see these guys play live go for it. Every time i've seen them know i've come home soaked in sweat and beer and have been lifted into a different realm of consciousness where everything seem just a bit more brighter.

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