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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clipse / The Cool Kids @ The National (08-31-09)

Last nights show started out with The Cool Kids doing an opening set for Clipse. While i've seen these guys put on good sets before tonight wasn't one of those nights. Their was absolutely no energy from these guys at all. It seemed that they where on autopilot during the show and just on tour to keep their name afloat till they release there first LP (all their other stuff has been Ep's and mix tapes right?) The Cool Kids are still a group worth checking out / however last nights set was most defiantly a let-down.

Clipse on the other hand showed up and threw down during their set. Manly a set of material from "Hell Hath No Fury" there is a passion on their albums and live show that is just hard to deny. Sadly the lyrics during the show were hard to make out at times due to The National totally fumbling on the sound of the show. This however didnt hurt the show to much - the energy of everything all around was just an unstoable force - and silly sound issues werent gonna kill that.

Clipse is a group differently a group worth the hype. They have a new album "Till The Casket Drops coming out in October. Hopefully that one can match the weight of "Hell Hath No Fury".

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