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Friday, August 21, 2009


(09-01) EAR PWR / Toro Y Moi / Bear War / Rhythm Bandit @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((Charlottesville)))
EAR PWR is back in CVILLE. Last time these guys played it was a total riot. Bodies going every which direction - silly white boy dancing at its core - shit was a rager. Added to the bill this you have my boi Rhythm Bandit (Dylan) opening the show. Should be some rad synthm drum antics added with vocal drones coming from him. Also Toro Y Moi n' Bear War and also on the bill // both bands seem to fit the show real nice. STRAIGHT UP // ATTEND THIS SHOW IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU

(09-15) Peelander-Z @ Mojo's
Japanese comic book based punk rock is once again coming back too richmond. Their shows are always a fun mix of playful punk added with elements of unrelentless stage frenzy. These guys are easily one of the most fun live acts around. It also doesn't hurt that the shows at Mojo's - which gives me a good excuse to pick up a philly cheese steak (BEST IN TOWN)

(09-16) Experimental Dental School @ The Triple
21+ is lame

(09-17) Desolation Wilderness @ Gallery 5
Rad dream rock at Gallery 5. Desolation Wilderness are one of the those underrated bands out right now that is making some real great mind pondering music. Real excited to see how their music works live.

(09-19) The Intellegence @ The Triple
21+ is lame

(09-25) The Books @ The Southern (((Charlottesville)))
HOLY SHIT THE BOOKS IN VA!!!. The books are one of the first groups that really made me think about the way electronica music could be pushed out of the 90's house era. Rellay intreing mix of electronic ambiences added with cellos / guitars / and various samples all about. Should be a real treat of a show

(09-27) OvO / SubArachnoid Space / Ultra Dolphins / Souvenir's Young America @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl
21+ is lame

So the show has moved to the Plaza Duckpin Bowl / so i'm gonna give this banger a real write up

Real tight Italian metal is coming to the duckpin bowling alley!!!!!!! OvO most recent record "Crocevia" was quite an engrossing and malicious album / i'm real excited to see how this works live. Also on the bill that night you have SubArachnoid Space who (he/they?) have a real hectic and vicious sound to their rock. You also have Ultra Dolphins - how are a local favorite of many, but i wasn't to sold on their opening set for Fucked Up back in January (i'm game for another try). You also have Souvenir's Young America who seem to put on a richmond progressive ambient metal sort of thing. Overall should be a great sunday night.

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