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Saturday, September 19, 2009

More September Shows

There has been two new shows that have come to my attention that are happening in September that should totally be worth checking out


(09-23-09) Islands / Drunk Tigers / Nude Photos of Celebrities @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl
Indie darlings Islands are coming to the duckpin bowling alley. To be honest ive never actually listened to these guys before but considering all the positive talk ive heard about this band from friends is enough incentive to check them out when they roll into town. Also the fact that its at duckpin should make be the icing on the cake for the night.

(09-29-09) Aluk Todolo / Lusseria / Caves, Cavers @ Gods House (???)
Aluk Todolo is real sick psychedelic metal for ITALY. Considering the death of Nara Suhi it is quite nice to see the music that venue used to provide is still coming to richmond. To be honest I have no clue where Gods House is /// but if you can track this show down it should totally be worth attending

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The Muffin King said...

can't wait!
oh andy i love your blog