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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Girl Talk / Head Molt @ The Norva (04-03-09)

This show right here has been a big question for me and my brother leading up the event. The question was quite simple really (how the hell did Head Molt get on the bill for this show????) we later found out it was due to the fact that head molt & girlk talk go back since the early 2000's when head molt helped book girl talk shows in the norfolkin area. However that wasnt the only question on are minds, the other question was (what the hell are these guys gonna play)

So finally the night of the show came after a good month of speculation. Head molt played their set in the style of prue theater. Blistering noise going every direction. Theatrics at a maximum. Lead singer yelling this is what you paid for & you paid for this constantly (and yes these were their only lyrics). The audience was having none of this. Bottles were throw / chants for girlk talk insuide / running to the bathroom for pussy fucks went down (kind of dissapointg / but by no means was all this a shock). More or less their set was fuckin' killer. Totally what I wanted from the band (it would of been nice if they weren't playing extremely over the top / but I assume this was their way of coping playing for a large audience that was quite against their rebel yells)

Next act on the bill was girl talk (big sho0ckz) I kind of have mix feelings about this dawg / his albums are always fun mash up jams but something about his crowd situation at shows is just throwing me off. Its a weird mixture of so many different groups that on paper sounds great (aka everyone partying together) however it just turns into a big mash of drunken prep kids dancing to top 40 radio hits mashed with some indie rock. Basically girlk talk is a fun dance show / and dont worry I got sweaty / I had my fun. However something about his show just throws me off . I get the point of what hes going after / however its just not the perfect party that it gets advertised to be.

video clip of head molt doing their norva strut

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