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Saturday, March 28, 2009

These Are Powers / Black Hearted Diamond Boy @ The Church Of Crystal Light (03-27-09)

Got to this show a little late / so me and my bro missed the first act of the night (aka caves n' cavers). Even though i've heard this bands name on varous bills around richmond i've still just to actually catch one of their sets before (sooner or later I will catch one / tonight was just not the night)

Literally we walked into the venue right as "These Are Powers" were starting their show so sadly we didnt have the best spot for this set. We got stuck in the side conner that is blocked off from the main open area of the place. Also behind us during this set were some dudes that kept poking fun at me and my brohan / making comments like "those guys look like their fucking" while we were dancing (seriously what the fuck is your problem) (*space also made it hard to get decent photo of set / will put up better photo if I find one online*) (better photo was found - it comes from Robert C. Madruga / thanks for being a superior camera man dawg / and thanks for complementing my dance style at the show (aka not saying that I look like i'm fuckin my bro when i dance........) . Anyway aside from those small set back These Are Powers put on a real thumpin' set. This band live show has the prefect balance of dance beats and noise qualities with this sort of tropical tribal thing floating in the background. And the charisma coming from the lead singer of this group really adds to the spark of the live set. Overall a band totally worth checking out if you stumble into the possibility of seeing them live (they seem to stop into richmond every time they tour the east-coast. So I assume next east coast tour will be another opportunity to check them out / seriously it's worth it DAWG)

Next up was "Diamond Black Hearted Boy". I had heard this guys name thrown around since moving to richmond but I really had no idea what his music was about till tonight. The tunes seems to run on this idea of dance music that is not always danceable. It has great thumpin beats that make you want to move your body, but at the same time you have the fly cat yelling into a megaphone about something involving "new world order" (and no, I have no clue what the hell he was talking about) none the less the set was fun and got a free cd from him after the show (put it on during the ride back home / it's sounds fairly fly / shit like this is why I love the richmond music scene hardcore)

Night was a succues / oddly kind of a short night for this venue / but still both acts i caught where mad tight / so there is really no good reason to complain now is there.

1 comment:

Roberto C. Madruga said...

Thanks for the props homeboy