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Sunday, March 22, 2009

April showz

For the past month or two ive been kind of slacking on writing review on shows and keeping this place well informed. I got lazy (my bad). Starting now this blog is gonna get back to what it was about, me ramblin' in typical andy fashion about music that i dig hardcore. And i see no better time to start that shit back up than with my list of shows in april to check out.

(04-01) Sewn Leather / DJ Dog Dick / Narwhalz / Google Earth @ The Church Of Crystal Light
Night jam-packed full of great unground fucker(e). Haven't seen Sewn Leather Or Google Earth before but i've heard great things about both groups. Have caught Narhwlaz & DJ Dog DIck However, and both artists are mad tight insane. Night should be thumpin' / night should be cheap / come one come all / FUCK YEAH

(04-03) Girl Talk / Head Molt @ The Norva
IM SO PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW. Girl Talk is tight and all but the real glory of this show is the fact that Head Molt is opening this show. SERIOUSLY HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN??? so pumped to see this chaos go down4fuck

(04-05) Dan Deacon / Future Islands / Teeth Mountain @ The Little Theatre
Caught Dan Deacon last summer up in D.C. and it was a total blast. So it seems like a no brainer to catch him live when he stops into VA with a 15 person band. Also both Future Island & Teeth Mountain are playing, which is basically icying on the cake.

(04-15) Ratatat / Tussle / Black Pus @ The National
First off i find it mad crazy that a band like Ratatat would be stopping into richmond, but I wont complain. But that isn't the end of what makes this show so exciting. BLACK PUS IS OPENING THIS SHOW / THE MOTHA FUCKIN DRUMMER OF LIGHTNING BOLT IN RVA. Like seriously how the fuck did this come to be????? / should be a great night for dancing and fucking shit up *DONT MISS THIS ONE DAWGZ*

(04-16) Nobunny / Rock n Roll Adventure Kids / Big Bobby & The Nightcaps @ The Outback Lodge ((c_VIllz shOw)))
To quote the glorious of the internet "Nobunny is a tucson-based, bunny-faced act specializing in 60s-style garage rock and pop." If that description doesn't get you excited please check the link above / seriously if you don't like this shit then something is wrong with you

(04-24) Realcide @ The Church Of Crystal Light
Trashy Speedcore Noise shit at The Church Of Crystal Light (what a big shock) / Should be a good night of punk rebel runoff / opening acts should be announced soon / I assume tight shit from this venue / I just have no names at the moment

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