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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dan Deacon / Future Islands / Teeth Mountain @ Trinkle Hall (04-05-09)

The Dan Deacon show extravagansia was the perfect end the a very great chaotic weekend. Got to show in a very groogy manor but was still extremely pumped for the night that was instore. Sadly my dan deacon fan boy (garth) wasnt their / but alas life went on

Teeth Mountain were the first act to play that night. They put on short but very interesting tribal set. Very much typical modern day ambient drone mixed with this very cool drum percussion weaving the whole thing together. Details about this set escape me but this is for good reason / their set tacks you into another deminsion and you get lost in its tribal zone. Real bad ass

Next up was Future Islands. I saw these guys last year at Nara Sushi and it was a real fun dance show that had great whiskey like emotions to it. Set they played at this show was more of that great same fun but had more an electronic backing to the songs now (think sort of what Handsome Furs does.) This change up works perfectly for them / adds a real dramatic atmosphere to their music. Real solid set from these guys (I see these guys breaking out soon / their really onto something)

Then of course after thouse 2 acts the moment everyone had been waiting was up next (d.deacon). Sadly we had to wait what seem like an hour for the Dan Deaocn ensamble to set up all of their instruments and do a sound check. Once the show started I was once again blown away by what is a Dan Deacon live experience. What most impressed me about the set was even though it was mostly Bromst material / the show was still a real dance (party) atmosphere that I wasn't expecting to see (Bromst is great / but not your typical Dan Deacon hyper color action music). Also the typical deacon crowd participation where in full effect during the show (doing a london bridge like tunnel thing out of the building / dance tag / various stretching / etc.) Really if I had one complaint about the whole night was that during some of his songs the vocals were just hard to hear (this is due to dan deacon showing up late and not having time to do a real prpeoer sound check) however this lack of vocals didn't really take away from the energy of the show.

Basically I really probably don't need to tell anyone this / but if you have the opportunity to see dan deacon - go see him it's a no brainer. However both opening acts were fly as fuck groups / I highly recommend checking out as well.

photo from explicit.rex

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