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Friday, April 17, 2009

Show Review Build Up (04 15 / 04 16)

RATATAT / TUSSLE / BLACK PUS @ The National (04-15-09)

(photo by synthtastical)

Black Pus started the night right at 8 (first time I think ive ever been to a show that has actually started on time). Whatever Brian Chippendale seems to do with his career seems to turn out gold, and black pus is no exception to this rule. Black Pus is his solo based endeavor and actually might be his nosiest venture to date. The rhythm of his sets is created with him sampling distorted sounds of his mouth / and of course his drums coming full force at you. Set was totally rocking & a fucking mind-trip / but I didn't see anyone else in that venue rocking to that set beside me. TOTALLY WEAK DAWGZ. Also why in gods name was he playing on a stage. This shit is meant to be on a floor so you can get totally immersed in Brian Chippendale's madness. Even with these set backs / set was totally what I expected it to be (BADASS)

Tussle was next to play. They sort of had a did a electronic tribal dance thing for their set. They had some interesting samples in their set, and it had times where it felt like it was giong to break out into something but always just faded into boredom really. These guy need to add some sort of element to their set to really make what they do something interesting (add vocals / change up samples during set / maybe just go in and fuck shit up black dice style) I don't know shit just didn't go anywhere.

After this I was pretty excited to see what Ratatat would do live. They seemed to be bring out lots of different light shit for the show which just made the whole thing seem like it would be a real fun dance. However once they started playing i remembered why concerts at the national never end well. Lots of drunk teenage girls grinding up on people .Frat boys making fools of themselves in their typical manor. Just real bad energy all the way. And then it didn't help that Ratatat set just felt kind of hallow and unenthusiastic. There where moments during the show that worked well but the show just overall didn't do much for me.

Basically this show was sort of a let down. Seeing Black Pus live was a total treat / but I'll be honest I felt a little jipped out of the 20 dollars I payed for this show. Really could be the last night I ever try to deal with The National (why haven't I learned my lesson????)

NOBUNNY / ROCK N' ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS @ Outback Lodge (04-16-09)

First off this show started real fuckin late. First act (who I don't know the name of) came on around 11 (dear outback / its a thursday night / come on) anyway hearing from people at the show shit was stating real late I decided I was in no rush to get to the venue and chilled around the tea house while this first act went down. Got to the venue around the middle of the 2nd act of night (Big Booper & The Night Caps. The easiest way to explain these guys is their sort of like music your uncle would listen to (sort of got a punk old school rock n roll thing going down.) set wasn't awful but was really just sort of their.

Rock N' Roll Adventure Kids were next. Didn't know really anything about these guys but friends of mine had said it was tight so I decided to pay attention. These guys have lots of energy and put on a real fun pop punk sort of thing (pop punk in the good sense) really don't remember much else about the set (it just sort of happen you know) but it was fun, I can totally remember that.

Nobunny was last to play. Set was straight up fucking ridiculous. Nobunny was a mad man and all over the place. Real great garage rock revival shit went down. Dancing was at a fucking A. Seriously it's hard to put into words what makes Nobunny so interesting. Maybe I just cant help but love a good garage rock revial thing when presented in such a ridiculous and vicious fashion. Also does anyone know what drug he snorted during that set? (it was in a brown vile / me and my friends where debating about this the rest of the night) Straight up go see this cat when he comes near where you live. It will be some of the best 20 minutes you can spend with your life.

Also probally should mention that during the tunure of the night a couple of fights totally broke out. Seriously C-ville your starting to get a reputation for this shit. It's really just pathetic. Leave this shit out of the venues (I dont care what you do on your freetime / but don't fuck up things more for what is allready a dying c-ville music scene)

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