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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


new month
new list of shows
you know the drill
to lazy to write descriptions, so just click on the links to check the music out
all shows should be mad tight

February 8th: Japanther / Totally Michael / Ninjasonik / Cubscout And The Rhinoceros @ Rumors

February 11th: Kyle H. Mabson / From The Darkest Part Of The Woods @ The Church Of Crystal Light

February 17th: Mahjongg / Narwhalz / Diamond Black Hearted Boy @ Outback Lodge ((Showz Inz Cz-Villz))

Febuary 20th: Adventure / Google Earth / From The Darkest Part Of The Woods/ Twance Cop @ House Party (1523 Floyd Ave)

Febuary 27th: Girl Talk @ Sadler Center ((Showz Inz Willzburg))

Februry 28th: Stress Ape / Sewn Leather / Narwhalz @ The Church Of Crystal Light

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