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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Videohippos / Lazy Magnet / Bird Names @ The Church Of Crystal Light (01-30-09)

I had been looking forward to this show for quite some time. Missed the opportunity to see Videohippos when they stopped by in C-Ville in 07 due to ride situations falling through. So it was a great surprise to hear that Videohippos were stopping by in Richmond around January to play a show.

Then the night of the show actually came with me feeling kind of sick, with my head in a complete haze. This however wasn't going to let that stop me from missing this show, So I got myself together and go to the venue (sure I got their a little late and missed the first two acts, but I did make it)

First act that played was this group called Bird Names. They had some tight tropical rock vibes coming from them. It was an enjoyable set but nothing I'm gonna ape-shit over. Just a good chill way to start the evening off....and thats about all I have to say on that

Next up was Lazy Magnet. Didn't know much about them before the show but by the end of the set I left feeling pleasantly surprised . It started off in typical underground noise-dance-fashion, heads nodding and people dancing in some sort of minimal fashion. But suddenly and I'm not sure what sparked it the venue went real crazy. Bodies colliding into one another, arms flinging everywhere. it was good shit / real tight shit

I must mention this, off topic on the music of the show, but after the lazy maget set I went to use the restroom of this venue. What I came to find is quite possibly the worst bathroom of all of the Virginia. Liquid brown junk on the floor, doors that don't shut, me having to pull of some real MacGyver shit by holding the door and urinating at the same time, it was awkward, it was mad impressive.

After that interesting disaster it was time for Videohippos to play. For the show they had this paper rad esc video show going on in the background which really helps bring to life visually the colorful nature of this bands music. Their live set was quite mind blowing as well, real great lo-fi wham city rock. They bring this great almost spiritual element to their live set that is something you just have to witness to fully understand, and the moshing at this show was fantastic, never have I seen people this happy to dance since I saw Animal Collective, and that was almost 2 years ago, so congrats Videohippos you bring the energy crazy style.

The night was a real success, great vibes / great concert, and i'm quite happy to see the Church Of Crystal Light crowed last night, Its good to see more people are catching onto this unnamed music bug that has kept me so fascinated the last couple of years (this crowed however did make it hard for me to get a decent shot of the show, so unless I find a better photo online someone else took your sort of going to have to deal with the crummy photo I took)

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