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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

January Showz

So I have figured out how to do advertisement like rubble bubble for this blog and the way to accomplish this is to do monthly go throughs of shows that I'm pumped for coming to the richmond area (with a hint of charlottesville & williamsburg shows from time to time) also if you click on the artist name it will link you to either a youtube clip or their myspace

January 8th: Wu-Tang Clan @ The National
Sounds like the full WU is going to be their (THE RZA IS BACK) and the fact that this isn't going down at toad's place is much appreciated. If you don't know what the WU is like than pick up 36 Chambers and get with the fucking program. Should be a good night of hip-hop but the 30 dollar price tag might be a little much (I'm still game however)

January 10th: Silk Flowers @ Thanky Space
Not sure if this show is actually going down anymore (it's off Silk Flowers myspace) but is still something to check out that night because the art gallery opening that night is still going down. Its an opening for the art of Sister Corita which is tight-shit, and i've been hearing rumors of free cupcakes that night.

*just got an e-mail from silk flowers stating that the art gallery reception has gotten canceled which is why the show of their's is now off their myspace (AKA THE SHIT IS CANCELED). Hopefully they will stop into richmond on their next tour*

January 23rd: Fucked Up @ Outback Lodge *Cz-Villz*
Great experimental hardcore punk band Fucked Up is going to be stopping down in Charlottesville so you know I'm going to be driving/greyhounding up for that shit. If you can't make it to c-ville however I would recommend checking out MV&EE @ The Triple, very chill freak folk esc music, good way to spend 5 dollars.

January 29th: Au @ Plaza Duckpin Bowl
I wont lie I'm not really sure how ambient experimental music is going to work in a bowling alley, but at the same time this is just something that I have to see go down. It also doesn't hurt that Au is quite bad ass and their most recent record was a great forgotten gem of 08

January 30th: Videohippos / Lazy Magnet / Bird Names @ The Church Of Crystal Light
SO FUCKING PUMPED FOR THIS SHOW. Missed Videohippos on their last tour due to not having a damn car. Now times have changed and I can see shows with this bad ass ability they call walking. Show should be a great night of lo-fi-neo-no-wave-esc rock music, and it doesn't hurt that its going down at probably the coolest venue of all of richmond (CHURCH OF CRYSTAL LIFE 4 FUCK)

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