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Thursday, January 1, 2009

GWAR @ The National (12-31-08)

Got up around 10am, preparing to get to richmond early and do some thrifiting before the show. Sadly trying to gather up a group of 5 to richmond isn't as easy and said and done so we ended up in richmond around 3 ish, leaving us enough time to check out some record shops, buy cheap records/art from diversity thrift and got some eatery food on (deal with it forrest, the place is bad-ass)

Arrived at the show around 9 while the first act Stuck Backwards was playing. If you know me I'm really not that huge of a metal fan (i dig some Boris, SunnO))) and other things that drone but straight up metal usually isn't my thing) So it really wasn't to much of a surprise that their set didn't do much for me, just typical metal music attempting to freak people out but just doesn't do shit for me. In positive news they had a song called "Tiny Vaginia.

After their set their was a 30 minute wait of down time, That was in till GWAR set up this countdown telling us the fans when we were going to die. The place started to get a little rowdy and once the countdown was done a video of Sleazy P. Martini came on explaining how to way we elected the people of are country earth is retarded, that instead of debating we should have intergalactic wrestling matches instead. (GREAT IDEA 4 FUCK)

After this the band started playing and got into their typical GWAR business which is just fan tastic (you know blood everywhere, chopping heads of people, you get wet, its fun). I think it might be a little trivial to explain in full detail a typical gwar set-up in this review due to the fact that anyone who is reading this review is probably from vriginia, and I'm just gonna assume they know how GWAR delivers their ruckus live (due to them being from Richmond and all). So let's discuss the things that made this show different from he time I saw them in May. As a I explained earlier it had a wrestling thing going on (with politicians such as John McCain, Barrack Obama & Hillary Clinton going against people from the GWAR universe. The show also had a really bitching robotized M1 caring version of Ronald Regan (that after looking up learned is called "Reganator".BAD ASS IS WHAT IT IS). Sadly the show sadly seemed to have less blood and also less ridiculous things going on the the background like it did last time i saw them, this did however not really take away from the show, because GWAR is top-notch and is something that anyone should at least experience live once due to it being so ridiculous, Even if you not a fan of their music (which is the boat I am in, its just something that is so perfect live)

After the show we the group had a very great cold wet run back to the car only to find the car battery was dead. Spending a good hour in a half in the parking lot trying to figure out how to actually jump start a car. Luckily my friend dylan was their with his trust worthy blackberry to save the day (oh internts, how I love you) and we were to get the bitch working and able to make it back to c-ville around oh I don't know 4am. A very promising way to start the new year I must say.

*photo courtesy of me.me.me.

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