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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogz Stylez Updatez

So I have deiced after much pondering to some what re-design this blog during these upcoming few weeks

Lets list the new changes in very stylish bulletin form

* More random posts of things on my mind (usually shows I am very excited to announce that are coming to richmond/nearish richmond

* Periodic album posts showing off new/forgotten gems that I am more or less feeling very ecstatic about

* Hopefully get a more colorful/interesting design to this blog, not sure how this technology shit works though (this goal might not be accomplished)

So basically I'm still gonna review the shows I go to. Still gonna list on the right side of the blog the shows I will be attending (aka the shows I highly recommend you various people attend) so nothing is gonna be lost, only more shit is gonna be added (this mother fucker is gonna be bloated 4 fuck)

So have a good holiday break and enjoy the photo up top of me eating a hamburger on the roof of my soon to be ex-condo

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