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Friday, November 21, 2008

Andrew W.K. @ The Pub (11-20-08)

This show right here has been one in the making for quite some time. I sadly missed W.K. last year when he played at the Rock N' Roll hotel up in D.C. due to the ride situation last second falling through. Bitter about missing the show I assumed my bubble for seeing W.K. was probably dead and life would just go on and that I should probably forget those battle wounds

Well around September I got a message from my friend Parker about W.K playing in Harrisonburg. I just couldn't believe it was true. I did my research, checked age limits, all of that good nerdy shit that I do, and low and behold the shit was legit. I was pumped I was ready to PARTY HARD

Anyway left Richmond around 5, digested are various dollar meal products, had general chit-chat in the car discussing the merits of Wesley Willis...etc. picked up Parker, various other details happen but are really un-important to the concert so lets digress.

The first band to come was Gifts From Enola, didn't pay attention to most of their set because I was fiddling around in the venue failing at its various games (foosball /pool / virtual hunting / ) but what I heard was a very typical rock, but when I stop wasting my money and moved up to the stage while the music didn't charge, just watching these guys play and seeing how into it they where really did help the whole experience. I can't really say i was blown away or anything by their set but it was decent opening act music, and their is nothing really wrong with that.

Shortly after their set W.K. came on. It started out with this weird sort of pre-taped intro music, and then W.K charging the stage and getting one of his various lectures of the night about why we party, and how to have a good time and how to love everyone around you. After this lecture he kicked off his set with "It's Time To Party" and the venue just went ape-shit, bodies jam upon one another till you cant even breath, hyperactive mush dancing was at a T. (it was glorious / mad fucking glorious). Also on a note of the music, his songs during the night weren't in typical W.K metal-party style, he has morphed these songs into more upbeat techno-ish dance songs, it might sound strange but it works trust me

Now to be honest I really don't think my writing abilities can fully sum up how much fun an Andrew W.K. show actually is. There is just so much positive energy and intensity comes out of that man that it's almost godly. The man really knows how to package a party, and make that shit mad goofy and at the same time almost religious. (its intense 4 fuck)

There is one negative about the show that was by no means w.k fault which is the fact that the pub and its security were complete and utter dicks. More or less man handling fans who popped onstage, and generally just not working with this motto that W.K was trying to present at the show about how everyone should love each other. It really just for myself killed this idea of truly letting loose, for the fear of getting hammered by bouncers was probable. (even though I did get injured even without the help of the pub security, seriously speakers falling on your back is no fun at all)

Long story short the show was tight as fuck. W.K is a brilliant performer and if you do get the chance to see him live take it, no matter what background of music you come from, because it's almost inevitable you will enjoy his show due to the love and charisma that is WK. And hopefully someday W.K will come back to Virginia and next time not play the pub, seriously fuck that shit.

*photo courtesy of Lydia Russo*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree! The show was amazing and I am so glad that I was able to go. The bouncers were kinda asshole though, but Andrew was tight!!!