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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Future Islands @ Nara Sushi (11-17-08)

I found out about Future Islands earlier this summer due to them being the b-side included on a split 7" with Dan Deacon. The song on it "Follow You" was a summer favorite for me, very simple love-dance song but with a very groovin' wham city-esc gloss over it.

None the less when I heard they were going to be playing in Richmond I didn't know what to expect, I hadn't heard much about their live show, but at the same time really couldn't say no to seeing them. I just had to adventure and see see what was going to happen.

Got to the show way to early (first got their at 8 when Future Islands said the show was, but i was told by the people working their that it was starting at 9, so of course like the timely man I am I got their at 9 and sat around and watched some Monday Night Football and none the less the music really started around 10:30 / seriously why do concerts get delayed starting so much???) However even with this time wait it was still all worth my time. Their live show was a very good mix of lo-fi dance beats with this very passionate love to it (I know that sounds strange, but listen to their music and you will understand), Theirs a real furry from the main singer that just brings the whole thing together into this nice modern new wave dance package. Also it sounds like these guys stumble around touring lots so if you have the opportunity it is something that is most definitely worth checking out.

Now there were 4 other acts that played (and I only saw two of them, this was due to the show taking forever to get started and I had to get up real early for school)

The 2nd act was this group called "Boogie Boader" who at first were really putting on a good tropical punk sort of jam (when tropical punk became a definable term is something that even confuses me). Now about 3/4 the way of through their set they equipment started to not really work and they started fighting with one another and it really sort of brought the whole set crashing. I would still recommend checking them out but no fighting guys / play nice.

After that their was a 40 minute wait for the next set. It was this group Hume who put on a very over-the top set that sadly feel on its face. See they had a very Danielson thing going on by having the whole band playing inside of a big octopus out-fit (which i will admit was very impressive). The reason however why this set failed is they more or less hid their very sub-par experimental rock music behind this strange outfit, it just felt like weird for the sake of weird (something that if you know me, is a big turn off with music) I was able to get halfway through this set but was to tired and felt somewhat un-optimistic about the rest of the night so I booked it back home and called it a night.

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