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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Skoal Kodiak / Knife World / Mincemeat Or Tenspeed / Dick Neff @ The Church Of Crystal Light (12-06-08)

After missing a few shows due to academic related studying I finally had a night with some free time and a interesting show coming to richmond, and i really don't think I could of picked a better night to let loose because what went down was one hell of a mind blowing surprise.

Me & my bro Matt got to the show a little late so we missed the first set from Dick Neff. which was disappointing because the set that he did opening for Xrin Arms was quite fantastic. So i'm gonna assume it was the same blitzkrieg of noise that just hits you into a joyous state of numbness. It's a good thing and hopefully next time he comes to richmond ill actually show up in time to see his set.

The first group we actually caught was Knife World. they released that vibe to me of Lightning Bolt, just like all guitar / drum duo groups do (even though Lightining Bolt goes for the bass, but i digress). The set was fun, lots of heads nodding, heads twitching, it was a fun chill DIY rock set. I can't say I was really mind fucked by this set but it was a very good way to start the night. These guys did have some fucking sweet art for sale, espically there album which cover is 3D and then when you take out the vinyl in the center of the record are some 3d glasses attached into the record, FUCKING BRILLIANT IDEA.

Next up was Mincemeat Or Tenspeed. I'm not sure exactly how this guy actually makes his music, he had a series of nobs and cables connected with one another. But that doesn't matter much because once he started playing whatever it is he was playing everyone in the venue went ape shit. A real great 10 minutes of noise bliss, details about this set escape me but I'm pretty sure I danced like a complete and utter idiot to this shit (and that is most definitely a good thing)

After that was Skoal Kodiak. I had stumbled across their myspace before coming to this show and was intrigued by their music, but nothing honestly could of prepared me for how great this group was live. They've got this real amazing noise rock thing going on but with these almost tribal/spiritual elements spewing out all at the same time. Just some real good energy was coming from the band and from the crowd. It was the perfect example of what makes richmond DIY scene so amazing (even though i believe there from Minneapolis). Also any band that has a circuit bent clorox bottle is my hero, its just a rule of life.

After that set some other guy played (the name escapes me) various just yelling into a microphone happened while having convulsions laying on the floor, getting PBR spilled into his mouth, it was just real silly but was oddly enough the perfect way to end the night, with some sort weird sort of comic relief, a great way to end a very accomplished night.

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that weird guy was me. myspace.com/8rude8