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Friday, October 10, 2008

Xrin Arms & Various Other Noisy Thingys @ The Church Of Crystal Light (10-10-08)

What sold me into coming to this show was when i was going threw Xrin Arms myspace. I ran across a song of his called "Wicked Heart" were he fusses together Gil Scott Heron & a blitzkrieg of noise into solid noise package that is as exciting as it is confusing. anyone who can pull something that amusing off deserves my attention, and my attention he got

Got to the show around the time the first act came on (10ish). I'll be honest I really don't know his name because he wasn't on the bill. His set up incorporated a couple stacks of speakers that for some reason reminded me of a robot or something mechanical. He put on your typical noise extravaganza, I flailed around like I usually do, it was fun but not extremely note worthy

The next artist was some girl who one again who like the first act I don't know the name of due to not originally being on the bill, she put on fun noise show, but at the same time there wasn't anything truly unique about it beside the fact that the shit was fuzzy.

Next came on Xrin Arms who most definitely kicked some ass. More or less going ape-shit and splicing Motown samples with his rampage of noisy sludge hitting you. Now somewhere during his set that son of a gun so hit me in the face with his mic (something I assume was intentional) good punk-vibes all around on this one. In simple terms his set was tight and if he ever stumbles nomadic like to your local village check him out.

But that right there isn't the end of the night. the next guy to come on was some cat named "Ironing". He put on a very weird sort of DJ Set. From what I noticed when he was setting up, he had these wires going threw an ironing board (hence his name). that turned the music into one hell of a staticy DJ Set, but i was just impressed by the whole set up, really got me thinking about how me and my bro should throw are next DJ Party. there was also some dude dressed in alien get up and dancing around during his set, I honestly couldn't tell you what it was about

I sort of skipped out on the last act, was feeling sleepy and had a decent walk ahead of myself to get home. but overall I can say that Friday night was a success and I'm really quite looking forward to this jam packed weekend of music ahead of me (Saturday = folk music fest / Sunday = experimental noise fest)

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