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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunburned Hand Of The Man @ The Bridge (10-06-08)

After getting a delicious dollar menu meal at McDonald's (6 PATTY BURGERS ARE THE BEST THING EVER) me and my boy Garth drove are way over to The Bridge to catch a night of far out music

When we got to The Bridge we noticed some really tight artwork that had been installed since the last time I was in Charlottesville. After looking at it I realized that it all had some sort of theme with an old-venue that used to be run in Charlottesville called the "Pudhouse". While I never did attend a show their (it was before my time in this game of me attending concerts) I did get some of the creative trickle effects that it left on the community of Charlottesvile. And after looking at these photos in made me realize that Charlottesville really needs to have some sort of creative spark happen again because I really do miss the good old days of the Charlottesville scene and would really like to see something happen soon.

Anyway after about an hour of waiting around and chattering about god knows what the first acted with the very ballin' name Articulate Chewbacca came on. They put on a fun little set of experimental music. It wasn't necessarily the most exciting set I have ever seen but it was a very chill opening act and their honestly isn't anything wrong with that.

Next Sunburned Hand Of The Man came on and while there set was indeed enjoyable they where in many ways one of the more lifeless groups I've seen live. But at the same time maybe that is the point of the group, to sort of stay in the background and let the music take over the room and not have human interaction destroy that.

One very note worthy cool/interesting thing went down during the set. This was at the beginning of there second song when they sprinkled the ashes of one of there recently dead band mate over this pyramid thing they had built (which one in the center of the venue for some what sort of context). This was done to spread the creative mind of their friend to other people, to more or less catch his creative disease. This moment right here is quite easily one of the strangest and most unforgettable moments I've ever experience in a show.

So while I do sound like in lacking enthusiasm for Sunburned Hand Of The Man you are not totally wrong. It wasn't the greatest show I've ever attend, but it was still a fun night of chill experimental music, and it really was quite nice to catch up with my hometown of Charlottesville and see all the new things that are brewin'

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