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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Cool Kids @ The Landmark Theater (10-03-08)

When I found out that The Cool Kids were playing Richmond I was at first very excited, but then when I found out it would be taking place at The Landmark Theater I was very confused, why it gods name would somewhat put on a hip-hop show at such a fancy place with designated seats. I mean it is a very beautifully built place but its just such an uptight place and just doesn't seem to be like the first place you deiced to put on a show (yet alone Hip-Hop)

So on the day of the show i meet up with my friend Parker. He had just come in from JMU to catch up with are high school friend group and while he was in Richmond catch The Cool Kids in action. I myself had seen them earlier this year when i stumbled upon there set at "Rock The Bells". and it was something to not be missed, just so much fun energy that comes from these guys music and live sets that it's really no wonder so much buzz has been brewing about these guys this year

So we got the venue around 7:30 (Right on time) because we really weren't sure when "The Cool Kids" were going to be playing so we made sure we weren't gonna miss anything (they did play last if you care to know)

now lets do a quick rundown of the 4 other acts that played (and I mean quick)

*Ryan Leslie: Bad BMT Soul Hip-Hop Fusion (Man supposedly went to Harvard, only amusing fact about his set)

* Then some other artist came on that were quite forgettable (there was something I found funny during this set but now I have forgotten, must of not been that important, hell I can't even remember their name)

* Tyga was next, he had a shitty/funny song about obama, uhhh his music just isn't my style of hip-hop, lacks any real umph you know


Ok now there is one very important detail i should mention that went down during the Shwayze set. People decided to not stay in there set and rush up to the stage, which would probably be quite appropriate for a hip-hop show, but the Landmark Theater was having none of this and threatened to shut down the show if people didn't go back to there sets (something that would have pissed me off because I was honestly only there for The Cool Kids, and if i had sat through all this rubbish for nothing I would be very disgruntled) luckily everyone did go back to there seats so no shut down of show

Luckily after all this rubbish i have spoken on The Cool Kids came on around 9: 30 to bring there party. But this almost didn't last long because everyone once again rushed up the front of the stage right when The Cool Kids came on. When this happened you could just feel this negative energy coming from the security (espically when you saw the security guards yelling at The Cool Kids for letting this sort of thing to go down, honestly the whole thing was just silly). So throughout the show you could tell The Cool Kids felt somewhat disheartened by this interaction but they were still able to bring there party to Richmond (AKA jumping off the stage and dancing with the crowd, or raping from the on top of the Amps, and various other COOL THINGS)

So my verdict is this. If you have the opportunity to see The Cool Kids I really do highly recommend it. They really are bring something quite special to the game of hip-hop that I really do quite appreciate. But at the same time I really hope they or no other hip-hop shows take place at the Landmark Theater. That place is just not meant to host Hip-Hop

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