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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Juiceboxxx @ The Church Of Crystal Light (09-18-08)

Originally I was gonna go to a different show the night of the 18th ( I was hoping to go down to Newport News and catch the David Byrne show that was happening at CNU). I was really looking forward to the David Byrne experience but a couple days before the show I had gotten a bucket load of school work and knew I didn't have the time to take off a day of school just to see David Byrne. So I had to cancel that adventure and instead follow my back-up plan which was to see Juiceboxxx bring his funky white boy rap to Richmond.

Now this whole show experience was really quite an interesting adventure. Got to the venue around 9 o clock and found out this venue is more or less an very blank looking room with some very interesting artwork on the walls I might add, but something about this place felt off to me (maybe this was due to the fact that only like 5 people were their) either way though I was quite amused about the whole thing. Later during the night though more people started showing up and this extravaganza started to look like it might be more promising

The first act that came on I can't recall the name of but he put on a very interesting noise performance. He had this wooden bed frame looking trinket with a few strings attached to it, and some sort of amp connected to it, Now I'm not sure how the trinket worked honestly but I was impressed by noisy the damn thing was (and did the artist I can't recall the name of literally break the instruament in half at the end of his set).

The next act to come on was this guy named Shams who I've heard a few things about due to him being somewhat of a regular name in the Richmond music community, but I had never actually listened to his music before. He punt on this funky lo-fi dance show that is sort of fuzzy in my head now, but I do remember dancing like a bandit and enjoying myself during his set

Now Juiceboxxx came to the stage very shortly after. He started his set by playing an mp3 of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run, and started doing this silly motivational dance. This got the crowd to go crazy and really helped start the energy of this show. After the motivational dance Juiceboxxx brought his funky white boy rap and let me tell you this boy really does now how to throw a party, him running around the venue rapping wherever he damn well pleased, crowd surfing like a beast, and flowing rhymes that are not that cleaver, but that's the point damn it.

Left the show after his set (i think a few more acts were gonna play) but I had some mad exam studying I was sort of putting off and i knew the right thing to do was go back to the apartment and get into my work mode.

So to sum it all up I can most definitely say the night was a success. Juiceboxxx most definitely got me to bring my A game in the dance department, and I enjoyed getting to know a much more house party orientated side of Richmond (and yes I probably will be attending more of these "Church Of Crystal Light" Shows, even if it is some what akward that I really don't know anyone their)

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