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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Richmond Folk Festival Adventures (10-11-08)

So in this jam-packed weekend of music in richmond I was only able to catch an afternoon of folk music, but in this is in no ways real something to frown on because even with my little time I spent there I really had a hell of a fun FREE time.

Got there around 12 just in time to catch some taiko drumming. I later found out the group was called "San Jose Taiko" (yep very original). beside for the lack of original name there show was easily the highlight of my festival experience. just lots of great energy, and if you know anything about the taiko drum you will totally know that its sound is just quite fascinating (seriously if you have no clue what a taiko drum is, youtube that shit, asap)

After there set floated around, got my corndog on, more or less acting lazy for no good reason, did get the energy to stumble into some native american dance performance. this set was a mix of very good and very head-aching moments. while when the group played together and brought that traditional native american sound it was tight, real tight. but later on the show it almost turned into native american comedy hour, making fun on themselves and "white people". it felt real weird. I mean I enjoyed the set, it was worth seeing, but I just felt confused

After that more lazy laying in lush grass went on (very exciting i know), discussed how when you donate money for this festival you get a sticker saying "I dropped into the basket", something me and my comrades found oh so amusing.

Around 4 we decided to catch some glass harmonica live. this is really quite an interesting instruament that I really don't think i can do justice to so I'm gonna let wikipedia take a crack at it. and while the set of music was very neat the see live, the man who was playing the glass harmonica (dean shostak) totally came across as a total pampas ass (he is the man on the top of this article, he wasn't dressed like that for the show but i guess he has a fetish for colonialism or something).

After his set I decided to head home due to having a decent amount of homework I needed to do battle with, and to recuperate from long week and so I could be prepared to fully appreciate the noise festival going on at gallery 5 tomorrow (something I am very excited about).

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