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Monday, October 13, 2008

HzCollective Presents: MegaHz (Day Two) (10-12-08)

First off right away I think you guys should know that this isn't going to be my most detailed review for a few reasons. First i was starting to feel quick sick and was having a very hard time keeping my eyes open during the show(espically when its whimsical ambient music being played). and also I had just gone to so many concerts that weekend that I had probably stretched myself to far.

Now the show itself was a very nice, very chill ambient music, there was one group espically that was a mix between The Books and Tickley Feather , it was very very sweet and hopefully I can figure out what the bands name was, but damn did they make me tired, still very good music

One act at least in my mind really stood out was this guy named "Embarker". He brought a show very similar to one of Charlottesville hero's "Doofgoblin". very good barrage of music, it also looked like he was making music with an flight simulator joystick but i might be wrong about it. still very amusing and hopefully some day this man gets some attention because I was hella impressed by his set.

Also while at the show I noticed they had lots of Gwar artwork around, lots of cool stage equipment. So if anyone is thinking about going to see Montonix this Wednesday, you should come down for that but maybe this Gwar shit will help motivate.

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