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Friday, October 17, 2008

Monotonix @ Gallery 5 (10-15-08)

I first discovered Monotonix when I caught the set they put on when the fuck yeah fest rolled into DC. There show is a frenzy of insanity with the main singer drinking liquor out of a show, putting his head up some girls shirt, sticking his mic up to his asshole, and the very infamous DRUM SURFING. After seeing that set I was just blown away and very impressed that someone at that show was able to over-eclipse that fantastic fury that was Dan Deacon (the main act of the fuck yeah fest that night)

So when I learned Monotonix were coming to Richmond I was quite pumped because lets be honest there is nothing wrong with more Monotonix’s in ones life.

So when the day came you would assume I would be in my best sprits, but sadly I was not. I was running a temperature, had a cold, and been having weird muscle pains in my legs, but I wasn’t goanna let this stop something as beautiful as a Monotonix Show

Got to the venue around 8, wanted to claim my territory for the show (even thought I’m not sure if that really matters so much) first act was this group named Hot Lava, which was not necessarily anything memorable, they had some fly keyboard beats, but it was just sort of there

The second opening act was a group named “The Amoeba Men”, I had heard much about this group, and have seen the snazzy poster they had made around town. Well I must say there set was just rubbish. It started with there guitar player trying to start a mosh with the crowd, and by trying to start a mosh I mean literally walking backwards and just bump into me. Also the singer was just a joke, he was trying to put on this weird guy persona, telling after before each song the name of the song (my personal favorite was tasty tounges) it was all just weird for the sake of weird, and also his vocals weren’t helping much either (you know when people sing all silly and high pitched just to be weird, well that guy had it going on).

After them there was “Snack Truck”. They were your typical rock group with the big change up there was 2 drummers instead of one. What they did in the field of precision was quite impressive there still felt like that was something lacking form there set. it also probably didn’t help that during there set I was starting to have this almost un-bearable pain in my leg occur so I wont lie I might of not been in the best state of mind judging things during there set

Now luckily this pain in my legs went away just about the time Monotonix came on and I’m really quite happy it did because Monotonix kicked so much ass last night.

The show started very mysteriously, and then hit like gangbusters. With the main singer shacking with a European flavor that is just hard not to love. There was various mooning, various chocking me with his mic cord, various me getting face hit by trash can, and other various things that happen at a monotonix show, its all very very very bad ass

After playing for about 40ish minutes Monotonix got the brilliant idea of playing outside in the street, you could tell the people who run gallery 5 were so not happy about this at all, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get invited back anytime soon

So they basically brought there amazing fury outside, the man singer getting held up on a drum being held up in the air by the crowd, and then jumping off the drum into the crowd, it was just ridiculous, various other things like this happened but Its really all a fuzz in my head, and I’m not very surprised about this at all, there shows just seem to end in a sweaty haze and absolute bliss where everything just blends together.

The end of this story is very simple, go see Monotonix, no questions asked, DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT

Also thanks very much to pjsykes for the awesome photos you took of the show (his photo is the one on the top of this article), there was no way in hell I was goanna risk my camera at that show, but I’m happy to see someone else took the risk.

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