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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jay Reatard @ The Outback Lodge (10-29-08)

When I heard that Jay Reatard was going to be playing @ The Outback Lodge you missed me do this very very humiliating dance involving me flailing around in pure excitement. Sure I live in Richmond and that would mean i would have to Greyhound down to the see show, but there was no way in hell i was gonna miss Jay Reatard live if he was actually coming to Virginia

So I got to the venue around 9:45 around the time this localish group ORDER was playing. i had heard about them from a few people in town and was intrigued to see what there set would be like. I did feel a little bit disappointed by the set. I mean it wasn't bad by any means, it was just a sort of simple garage rock/punk set. not like that's a bad thing but it was obvious that these guys were openers.

The next group to come on was this group called Cola Freaks. I hadn't done any research on them before the show but after there set I made a mental check to find some of these guys mp3. I was impressed by this good fun energy coming for these guys set. Maybe its the fact that I just can't help but love europeans making punk music, or maybe these guys have taped into some sort of creative garagepunk/newwave hybrid that I have never heard before in till just then. either way though the set was good and if I seem to come to my local village I will probably check them out

Now after a little wait Jay Reatard brought the fury that everyone was anticipating and I must saying it was certainly worth the trip down for it. Everyone was just having a good time moshing and just generally acting ridiculous. Jay Reatard seemed to be enjoying himself (aka not punching anyone in the face and refusing to play). but in all seriousness its hard to actually write a review about a jay reatard show because in some ways its just so simple, he has found this perfect balance of rock and punk and he is now on what seems like a never ending tour releasing this demon to other participants and it's hard for anyone to not be amazed but the fury that he brings.

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