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Friday, October 31, 2008

Man Man @ The National (10-30-08)

This right here is one of the hardest reviews for me to write because I find it so heartbreaking that a group that last year I championed for putting on one of the most energetic live shows around has now oddly tamed themselves down into what looks in my eyes a wounded version of themselves.

There were a couple of issue that I had with the show that I think I can clearly point out in very bland bulletin style

* There felt to be a lack of teamwork coming from the group. you noticed this clearly with everyone in the group wearing white except for Honus Honus who was dressed in red. This color scheme might of been coincidence but I felt this almost diva like quality coming form him this night. Maybe he was in a pissy mood and this isn't his typical stage persona on tours now but something felt off about this whole thing.

* Man Man doesn't fit The National at all. they just don't have the ability yet to play to that big of an audience and keep the energy of the show going. Maybe one day they can fit this big change from 500 person venues to 1500 person venues, but i think it might to be to big of a jump for any group yet alone them

* Played to much off of Rabbit Habbits. while that is a personal opinion and is something most people had no issue with. I found there new album to lack the Man an growl that Six Demon Bags summed up so perfectly. The new album is more pop oriented than any of there material to date, and while that doesn't sound like a bad thing on paper, it is just something that didn't settle well with my stomach

The show last night did have some good moments, all of them coming from when they played songs off of Six Demon Bags. When they played those songs I saw the Man Man I knew and love come alive even if it was just for a glimpse.

My verdict is this. I don't think I can recommend anyone actually go see Man Man live now. I mean there is a good chance that if you enjoyed there new album then your gonna enjoy this show. But I just can't give it my stamp of approval. So go at your own risk and hopefully someday soon Man Man well get back on track with what made them such a vicious force in music, but in tell then I will weep for the lose of such a ecstatic group

*photo courtisy of ACE McMANAGAN PHOTO!*

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