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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gang Gang Dance / Of Montreal @ The National (11-01-08)

I'll be honest when I heard that Of Montreal was going to play @ The National I really didn't care that much. I always found Of Montreal as this sort of poor mans version of Rocky Horror Picture show in music form. I never really did understand it at all. But when I heard Gang Gang Dance had been added to the bill of the show I couldn't help but get a little bit excited. You see I tried to see Gang Gang Dance last summer in Philly when I was up there visiting friends. But when I got to Philly and was walking around town I noticed on the posters for the show said it was 21+, so sadly I couldn't attend. So with this Bill Combo I could finally see Gang Gang Dance live and attempt to understand the demon that is Of Montreal

So got to the venue around the time Gang Gang Dance was about to go on. Wish I had gotten there sooner so I could of gotten a better sport for there set but I was sadly running late because me and my fellow condo mate had to go to the atm to get some parking garage money. Now there are many reasons why it is hard to explain a Gang Gang Dance live show. The reason for this is they really don't have much of an Stage Persona. however this isn't really a bad thing because what they are able to do so well and what makes them such an interesting group is there ability to brings this spiritual music to you and let it fill the room you are in so that your are overflowed with this hyper-color imagination. So people do yourself the favor and if you can go see these guys live. And hopefully someday soon I can see them live when there not the opening act (there was sadly a lot of chit-chat during there set from the Of Montreal Cronies, I guess they just didn't understand the ruckus of Gang Gang)

After what was that great set by Gang Gang Dance I got to do battle with Of Montreal. I'll be front up with you and try to make my review of there set very short. I DON'T GET THEM AT ALL. They are a band that gets off by being weird for the sake of weird. and whats sad about that is for some reason people buy into it. I myself just felt so fucking embarrassed witnessing all this, from the various costume change ups that in my eyes where a way of distracting the crowd from what was sub-par rock music. To the over the top theater performances coming from the Of Montreal back up dancers(?) that just seem to have no purpose at and just left you scratching your head as to why this happened (i mean i am a man that hates theater so maybe I was just doomed from the start with this show). But I would like to make one thing clear I am a very opened minded guy with music. But this stuff lacks any of the irony that it thinks it's presenting and is not at all weird, its just real fucking campy, and no that is not a good thing.

So my verdict is quite simple. I can't recommend Of Montreal at all. If your a fan of their music then I would assume their live show is something that is gonna make you cream in your jeans. But if you really want to listen to some far-out music try some Peter Brotzman, or John Cage, or maybe some Prurient. Because i can at least confrim that these artists are doing something out-side-the-box

*photo courtesy of christinestoddard*

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