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Sunday, May 30, 2010

HEAD MOLT!!! CAVES CAVERNS!!! BIG A$$ CHICK??? show review (05-29) @ STRANGE MATTER (rva)

simple dimple show review.

The show was at the venue STRANGE MATTER which is a relatively recent development in the old Nancy Raygun space on 929 W. GRACE ST. awesome food AKA i got a turkey sandwich with grilled cheezes as the bread. arcade games AKA Andy Dunlap can't beat me and galaga is the shit.

Basically this show was a throw down for a man named BK. cuz it was his 27th birthday!! happy birthday guy I don't know! HOWEVER this show did not go as planned. Leo AKA Flesh Control did not do his thing he did something else with another guy I'm ASSuming that it was the name BIG ASS CHICK but it could be just fuckery. The name of Leo & Wolfgang's thang was Positiveland. Their set was basically them both talking into microphones running through a few FX boxes, putting their hands on the shoulders of numerous audience members and speaking to them. You couldn't understand what they were saying. Lots of feedback. cool.

Next up... CAVES CAVERNS !!!

Heard some hype about this band, first chance to see them. I do know they toured with them Bermuda Triangles which sparked my interest because I like the BT's, so I was ready to say the least. For this set they only played three numbers. According to Andy their set is usually half an hour longer. I would of enjoyed listening to them for another 30 minutes, because it was good. From what I took in at this show this is what I have to say but I still feel I need to see them again and create a better statement///
Caves Caverns, the people are in the right place, the sounds that they used compliment each other and make a decent sonic spectrum. As far as the stucture of the music goes... there are awesome builds of energy, at times the members stray away from each other but end up syncing back up and then double timing the song and making it much more frenetic. I gotta see them again.

Alright I really don't know what to say, I was pumped for some HEAD MOLT because I'm a stooge and haven't caught a head molt set. I've seen Leah Peah SOLO but never the; molt, head.

this is the stage of events///

Gary from Head Molt set up his table of pedals.


Gary proceded to make sure it would never work by smashing the fuck out of it. rock.

Leah was pissed.

Gary did not play.

Something had to go down because it was BK's birthday. So Leah and BK himself did an impromtu set of jamzBIG A$$ CHICK. Leah wore balerina wear, and BK was naked except for a dragon thong.

Leah smeared all the Micky D's they had ordered onto the (un) suspecting audience.

Katsup in my hair!


Not what I was suspecting, but amusing nonetheless.

that's what I payed for...

and this is what girl talk fans payed for at The Norva!!!!




Mr. Cockroach said...

the thing with Leo and Wolfgang was called Positivland and then Leah and Browning were Big A$$ Chicks...

Dylan Mulshine said...

sweet. I thought I'd be gettin some shit wrong BUT what you gonna do

One Way Richmond said...