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Friday, May 28, 2010


Tonight (right about now actually!) are two shows in CVILLE! One amazing event tonight is... Wes Swing and Nelly Kate who will be making some of the valleys most beautiful music over at The Garage (1st Street between Market and Jefferson Streets) literally a free standing single car garage!
somethings [autobiographical-ish]

nelly kate | MySpace Music Videos

Also there is a less intimate + more loud show at the tea bazaar tonight... Borrowed Beams of Light / Paper Fleet / The Hilarious Posters @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville! Never seen borrowed beams but I'm buds with the brainchild Adam Brock so there really is no excuse, I'll be there after work tonight and expect a witchmond review doodaloo. Borrowed Beams of Light are also playing on the 29th THIS SATURDAY AS IN TOMORROW in Richmond partying again with Brooklyn's Paper Fleet + also playing Richmond's own BuddahCat featuring a new member on the bass guitar Matt Timko who also plays drummdrumms in the band Young Adult Fiction!




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