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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Mice / Suffering Bastard / The Amoeba Men / Head Molt @ The Triple (04-13-10)

White Mice has been a band that has had a special place in my heart for quite some time. Around 8th-9th grade when I discovered there was more experimental music then just Radiohead’s Kid A; White Mice was one of the first bands that caught my eye when I first started randomly surfing music blogs back in the day. While there crazy outfits are what caught my eye in my younger youth (If you don’t know already the band wears bloody lab coats while wearing mice masks when they play live). What has however kept me a fan of there music after all these years is the fact that they deliver some very sick and ridiculous circuit bend grindcore noise that is just hard to not lose yourself to.

I got to the show right as The Amoeba Men were starting there set (sadly I missed Head Molt’s set // whamp whamp) and right away when they started playing I was oddly surprised by how much I was enjoying there set. I’ve seen these guys 3 or 4 times before and have never been all that impressed by there shows. There is an almost over the top element about them that has just never felt grounded with any real substance to keep me interested. (To be fair I really like Jason Hodge’s Bermuda Triangles project, so I feel really odd being critical about this band of his, there is just something about The Amoeba Men that just never hit a cord with me). What made this set seemed to work was this newly added or maybe just newly noticed amount of noise flair and punk rock tension that made it a fairly enjoyable opening set.

Suffering Bastard was up next after that. I really didn’t know much about this band coming into the show, but when I got to the show and looked at there merch table I noticed they had done a 10” split with COCK E.S.P. (AKA ONE OF THE BEST IN NOISE). This information got me fairly interested and happily they delivered a fairly good set. What they brought to the table was a 15-minute set of fast direct grind noise that had no real particular flair to speck of; it was just dirty punk rock esthetic being added with noise theatrics. To be honest nothing of there set really stands out to me when I try to recall about it for this review, it was just an enjoyable set to head nod to due to very fast guitar being played, and percussion that was hectic and all over the place. It was fun, got it??

White Mice were last on the bill and there set was basically everything I imagined it would be. Crazy Outfits with a silly mouse keyboard stand that had eyes that lit up, and a noise that had smoke coming out of it were present, as well as badass noise rock galore through out the show. There set was a hectic 35 minute thrasher that never once stop for a breather, and would just kept hitting you and knocking your mind over and never gave you the chance to pick it back up. This band is just straight up vicious and had absolutely no mercy for its audience. If this description doesn’t sound appealing to you then honestly don’t check them out, your just not going to understand this one. However if you like experimental or noise based music and somehow haven’t heard of White Mice before I highly recommend checking out some of there studio material, as well as seeking out seeing them play live, because ITS SO FUCKING GOOD

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