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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Which witchmond is which? I dunno but I was in the Charlottesvile part of Witchmond last night and caught The Thermals show. Time to review that bitch.

:: fem-punks from Atlanta, GA. straight up awesome. The weird thing is I had gotten one of their albums(THE COATHNAGERS S/T) from WNRN-FM a while back and had listened to it with many spins and then I realized I had already heard them after about two songs. That was when I was excited. So oddly enough once I realized who they were I was able to fully soak in the super brash feminist charged lofi punk. Total I don't give a shit attitude. Inkling feelings of no wave. Check em out girly's. They're super sweet, they gave me a pin that says "dont touch my shit" and they gave my girlfriend Annie a pin that says "nestle in my boobies"...I'll make sure that they come back sometime soon.

PAST LIVES :: I did't learn until after the show but past lives past life was The Blood Brothers. This explains a lot. Past Lives had no bass player just two guitars however this didn't lack any dynamics. Solid singing entirely from the blood brothers screaming into the microphone angle. Everyone wrenched out sounds with impecable precision. AND I gotta figure out what they ended with, no joke /// show stoppa.

THE THERMALS :: Their cannot be anything wrong with the thermals and if there is I just don't see it. Just like the other guy The Thermals were one of the bands I started to listen to when I stated liking "indie" music. So they can do no wrong in my book. I saw them once before at the late great Satellite Ballroom with ORDER opening the show ((a damn good ORDER show at that /// be at their record release show at random row books this friday the 16th (TOMORROW))) ORDER ORDER ORDER. As I just said, THERMALS can do no wrong. The atmosphere was a little nostalgic and lots of folks were either losing their shit because they were drunk or losing their shit because of the thermals. Lots of people losing their shit. Periodically the crowd went absolutely nuts, mostly due to the hits like "Here's To Your Future", "Pillar Of Salt", and to my surprise "Now We Can See". In all honestly, I wasn't sure how I much I liked their last record. The single "Now We Can See" seemed just like a repeat of the old formula. BUT I've been reconvinced by The Thermals themselves that it's not just a repeat it's another song with the same intensity and going for the same thing. They aren't going for something new, just something good. Layed back moshing with friends. Almost all the crowd singing along. First show in a while where I've seen lots of X's on hands. (The youth of today needs to go to fucking shows). Enjoyable time.


XIU XIU /// TUNE-YARDS @ The Canal Club ((RVA))

/// STARDEATH & THE WHITE DWARFS @ The Charlottesville Pavillion ((CVILLE))


i would like to go to all of these badass events sadly i'm going to none of them. sucksssssssssssss.



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