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Thursday, April 8, 2010


the other Thursday April 1st, BEAR WAR & MY MILKY WAR ARMS played the tea haus here are vidzzz...

BEAR WAR :: Thanks to DAVID SAWCHAK for this...

MY MILKY WAY ARMS :: Thanks to GARY CANINO for this...

My Milky Way Arms from Gary Canino on Vimeo.

I realize I haven't reviewed this bands set. Lemme do that ///

My Milky Way Arms, are two awesome dudes from Austin, TX. Started as the solo music project of Chase Hill. Live. Live they are a heavy dosage of shoe gaze influenced synthpop. In the original inception of MMWA Hill wrote and recorded all the instrumentation himself. On the most recent record Light Saber Circuit Breaker he has embraced a lot of digital software creating a more focused modular sound. For this show he used a guitar and sang, different from the last time they were at the tea haus because he only sang and wore HULK GLOVES! Sadly no hulk glove action at this show (I believe they were stolen from him on tour) Here's a pic of the hulk hand glory R.I.P. ...

Back to review/// started off with fast ultra hyper synth pop and maintained the pace for the entire short set. They didn't seem all that into it, not really grooving to what they were doing, more like getting the job done. BUT it didn't affect the quality of what they were doing. Everything was perfect, almost too near perfection but not all the way /// just to the right limit. The song "Soft Alarm" was straight up the shit utilizing an amazing guitar/synth bell sound breakdown riff. I feel like that night wasn't a proper showcase of them, with better sound and more people I can see them bringing down the house and making a night of feelgood sweaty dance madness. It was just a layed back early night of ultra fun synthpop. The song they ended with was a tune about his canine companion who he had missed dearly while being on tour, and was called "Helicopter". It's easily the most catchy and most awesome tune by them to date. Catch them if they r near you ev r in the fut r.

here's a new ICP tune that is oddly inspirational...



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