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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night marked the best show I've ever seen at TDU. Now, let's not overreact. TDU is usually only accustomed to hosting Open Mic Nights and UPB sponsored Battle of the Bands, so it's not really a surprise. Come to think of it, I can't really remember the last REAL concert I have seen at TDU, nor am I even sure that I have EVER seen a REAL concert at TDU. Let's get this clear: TDU is not a venue. It's an on-campus lounge. But hey it's free to book and the concerts never cost anything there so no complaints.

Bonus pointzzz: Find me in THIS picture that I didn't know existed and found on the TDU website but was too big to post as a thumbnail WHAMMY.

ANYWAY, first band up was Salad Days. I don't remember much from the show, but I remember being pretty happy with what I heard. Definitely fit the bill with the rest of the show. As a friend told me during a conversation during the set, "I don't know why I like the Salad Days, but I do." I feel the same way. A pretty young band overall in terms of existence, expect to see a lot more of them as they continue to grow and develop into their own band.

Next up was THE TWO FUNERALS who were a great punk rock band. Apparently they applied for MACROCK this year but it was too hard to judge their talent on the submitted recording and were turned down, expect things to go a little differently the next time around should they choose to apply again (IF YOU ARE READING THIS TWO FUNERALS YOU SHOULD APPLY FOR MACROCK AGAIN NEXT YEAR). They played a really good set and if you're a big punk rock fan you should definitely go see them sometime, I know they're from Richmond/Witchmond so I'm sure they play down there a lot, apparently they're "always on tour."

Next up, SCREAMING FEMALES who put on a great show. Interestingly enough, only one member was legitimately female (unless there's something I'm unaware of regarding this group), but man could she scream. Easily the best female guitar player I've ever seen, and one of the most interesting guitar sounds I've seen in a punk rock band. Part shoegazing, part extremely fast/blazing guitar solos, she managed to keep her guitar sounding clean during all of these solos. They made sure to include at least one solo every song, which was good because it was definitely the band's strong suit. Anyway, a cleaner punk rock by way of New Jersey, they could blow up any time soon so definitely check them out if you get a chance. They're playing in Richmond soon? Maybe? ANYBODY?

ANYWAY a good night of punk rock feminism was had all around. Last WXJM show of the year *single tear rolls down my face cheek*, shows should be just as good/better next year if I have anything to say about it, but it was hard to top this year as a whole.


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