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Monday, March 29, 2010

"The Pub" = No More

JMU student newspaper "The Breeze" is reporting that after __ years of "serving" the Harrisonburg community, local "entertainment venue" The Pub is closing its doors due to:

  • 12 counts of criminal activity, including money laundering, embezzlement, and failure to pay taxes.
  • An inability to meet food/alcoholic beverage ratios set by VA Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • The general misconception that The Pub had lost its liquor license due to previous legal problems
  • Oh yeah, and remember that time that a bartender at The Pub hit and killed a 55-year old woman? Yeah, that didn't help either.
There are two sides to this story, firstly, part of me is glad to see The Pub go. I've only been there once (UNDER 21 FTW111) and that was to see Andrew WK. The security that night was awful, after the stage was rushed during the first song and everyone was escorted off stage, somebody tried to get on stage and was promptly ROCKED by one of the security guards (excessively, like everyone in the audience collectively gasped), something that Mr. WK clearly didn't approve of, who stopped the show to tell the security guards to back off and it would all be okay. EXCEPT THAT ANYONE WHO WANTED TO WALK ON STAGE COULD JUST WALK AROUND BACK THROUGH THE DOORS RIGHT ONTO THE STAGE. Not only were the security guards awful, they didn't even do their job. Andy contends that they ruined the show. While I'm not quite as pessimistic about it, they were pretty bad.

The second point is that this isn't the first time a bar was forced to close their doors due to ABC problems with food/beverage ratios. I'm not a lawyer or anything, but isn't it a little unreasonable to expect BARS to have to sell a certain number of grilled cheese sandwiches or whatever in order to keep being a bar? As long as they're not serving underage patrons, a bar should be able to be a bar. Oh yeah, and as long as they're not embezzling/committing tax fraud/drinking during their shift and hitting prominent members of the community on the way home. SERIOUSLY THE PUB YOU GUYS ARE REALLY DUMB.


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