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Monday, March 29, 2010

(03-27-2010) THE SOFT PACK / NODZZZ @ BLACK CAT (*W*A*S*H*I*N*G*T*O*N*D*C*)

well fuck...after being prepared with one ride and a backup, and both of those failing, my main man Jack Lilianthal helped me out with a ride to the show last Saturday in DC. That's right WITCHMOND SOMETIMES COVERS THE CAPPPiTOL. CAPP CITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

not 16 y'sss but three ZZZ's!...

NODZZZ :: SAN FRANCISCO /// BAY AREA. close enough to the ocean to have the salty taste in your mouth, they definitely have a heavy surf feel. with two clean guitars and simple but damn proud song crafting, even with such a big niche they prove original. To be honest the reason I came out to dc for this show was that I'm friend with the drummer Brian from this group and it was the closest I was gonna come for a NODZZZ show, seeing as they're from the west coast. ANYWAY. solid delivery all around, they opened the set with the killer "Is She There" which is also the lead off track of their "NODZZZ" LP. that wreck cord was put out by NYC label "What's Your Rupture" who have put out stuff from a number of rad bands like, Love is All, Nodzzz, Silver Shampoo, caUSE co-MOTION!, Comet Gain, Tyvek, Think About Life, Fucked Up, The Long Blondes. pretty sweet. I also picked up a cassette they appear on, it is the Woodsist sampler from I assume the woodsist showcase that NODZZZ was a part of during SXSW,,, It has some cool thangs like the fresh and only's, also a track by ducktails. lofi rock yada yada. Other songs that left an impression were "Controlled Karaoke" do to the quaint vocals and guitar leads... including doo wop style 'bop-bop's', the otha songgg was "True To Life", which was true to what they do. Head. Boppin'. Simple. Straight up double guitar, double vocals, and drum/// JAMZZZ

The Soft Pack
:: straight up, no frillz boy. just some rock. origninally from San Diego now base in LA, this band used to be called The Muslims. but now they are not. they are called soft pack. like ciggg rrrettes. Matt Lamkin has stated Soft Pack can describe the band as being well mannered or it can refer to a device that when worn is intended to convince others that the wearer has a penis. This band like I said doesn't have any frillz just a backing force they put into the songs. When they started I was not really into it. It was just good rock and it didn't really get me excited. Also I wasn't really paying attention I was conversing wid my friend. BUT nearing the end of the set I forced my way real close and caught the last few songs all close and personal like. I decided The Soft Pack are the kind of band that needs to sink in. because they totally grew on me by the end of their set. Last song was definitely a showstopper, "Answer To Yourself" the third track on their new full-length LP out of KEMADO RECORDS and here it is boys and girls LETTERMAN STYLE...

The ending of this song is what makes it so killer. He has a great voice. PS look at the drum kit in the video. odd. but nothing but a thang thang. lets see.. I couldn't pin down what this band reminded me of during the show. BUT now I remember. I hear tha strowkes. You totally know what I mean bro!

I have both the NODZZZ & SOFT PACK LP's. The groove's will be worn deeper///check those two records out.

ALSO on the bill were BEATERS from San Diego, I got the tape they were sellin and. it. is. so. great. well, maybe not a period every word great but maybe two sentences describing just that it's great and not why. Why? why, listen to it and you'll know why. It's got the slightest goth influence due to the vocals and the low key synthesizer. Solid bass and drums. good sound and vocals. PS the song "fishage" is the total shit (gooood music)!! the other band was Foul Swoops who I know nothing about except that they were myspace demo passable in my book and that they're from around the DC area. So I'll probably maybe end up seeing them for a real review. SINCE I missed both of these bands. oh well.

So. just played a show opening for GANG GANG DANCE. I'm actually siiick and should not even be up this late doing this review. but I got it dones. and the review of HIGHLIFE+GANG GANG DANCE will be up some time in the very near future.

i love all of y'alls



p.s. love!

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