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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So i'm late on doing my monthly round up of shows


here is the rest of the month of March

(03-06) Satanized / Head Molt / Bermuda Triangles / Snack Truck @ The Triple (21+ lame shit)

Satanized: Philly vicious Aids Wolf style rock that should fucking turn ones brain into jello
Head Molt: RVA NOISE JAMZ - seriously the best - they use a vibrator as a musical instrument sometimes
Bermuda Triangles: My preferred project of jason Hodges, tropical rock with double action procession
Snack Truck: More rock bands with 2 drummers - what's not to like

(03-07) Henry Rollins @ The National

Henry Rollins is gonna talk and yell about how hes better than you and how you can change your life. He also might cry a little about how he's still single and almost 50. You can also go see Cro-Mags at the Hat Factory that night and get the shit kicked out of you by 30+ punks who still have way to much testosterone in there bodies

(03-09) Family Portrait / Dust From 1000 Years / Emperor X @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar ((cville))

Family Protrait: Band that just did a 7' with Andrew Cedermark, they do lo-fi rock in the vein of Real estate
Dust From 1000 Years: see description above but minus the 7' talk
Emperor X: One man indie pop song machine - supposedly rocked the bridge last time he was in cville

(03-11) Beach Fossils / The Beets / Eternal Summers @ The Blue Nile (((HBURG)))

Beach Fossils: Laid back rock from Brooklyn
The Beets: Laid back rock from Brooklyn
Eternal Summers: Laid back rock from Roanoke ((funny right? - seriously though should be a really good show)

(03-12) Washed Out / Small Black / Pictureplane @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((CVILLE)))

3 really sick artists that are apart of that new lo-fi D.I.Y dance craze (or chill-wave) that is honestly just to good to hate. I'm seriously so stocked on this show. Attend this shit if you know what's good for you (F.Y.I - buy tickets in advance here)

(03-13) These Are Powers / Lemonade / MNDR @ The Triple (21+ dawg)

These Are Powers: Brooklyn punk dance trio that makes my legs turn into jelly (another jello reference?)
Lemonade: Brooklyn dance hyped up in 80's sound that will hopefully have a bigger audience then the 8 people who saw them last March at the triple
MNDR: One women dance mumble project, i'm confused by it? it could be good? it could be a dick?

(03-13) Reading Rainbow / Eternal Summers @ The Bazaar (((Roanoke Has A Show)))

The Eternal Summers and Reading Rainbow 7' that came out last year was one of my favorite split releases of the year. Really good lo-fi rock that comes across as laid back but not lazy. A definite attend if you live near Roanoke ( Roanoke has concerts? seriously! I can dig)

(03-16) Box Elders @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (((CVILE))))

Mid-western garage rock revival in the vein of Nobunny but more upbeat and less influenced by the various use of heavy narcotics

(03-20) Lukas Ligeti @ The Bridge (((CVILLE)))

Composer and percussionist who makes some sick avant grade music. I have no clue what he is doing to be playing at the bridge exactly but it looks to be lots of fun.

(03-24) Spoon / Deerhunter / The Strange Boys @ The National

Spoon: Pitchfork loved - I feel mediocre about it - prove me wrong spoon - prove me wrong
Deerhunter: Sometimes ambient sometimes garage rock band from Atlanta who has been blowing minds for years now. Definitely pumped about them playing in RVA
The Strange Boys: Recently hyped 60's rock revival from Austin Texas that now has two members from the recently deceased Mika Miko ((GET TO THIS SHOW EARLY PEOPLE - OPENING ACTS ARE FUN))

(03-24) Joanna Newsom @ The Jefferson Theater (CVILLE))

She plays a harp / she sounds like an elf / you either love or hate her / good job for whoever booked this one

(03-29) Gang Gang Dance / The Hight Life @ The Southern ((CVILLE)))

Gang Gang Dance is the sick brooklyn dance punk grime group who while has gotten media attention doesn't get the credit they deserve. its a real treat they are playing in Cville
-also the high life is just boring - really bad choice for an opening act-

(03-30) Gunslingers / Caves Caverns @ Couch Heaven

Gunslingers: 2/3 of Aluk Toledo doing raw garage rock that is just bad ass
Caves Cavers: Band who once said me and my brother looked gay - I don't remember there music - I assume its RVA style rock

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