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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Manorlady + Grandchildren + Nurse Beach ... Tonight @ Tea Bazaar + (03-22) Review of Little Dragon / VV Brown

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yeah that's right.

Headlining is cville's own MANORLADY who play shoegazy rock with a few weird time signatures and crazy glitched out VHS visuals. They just finished up their EP "Home Away" *GET A FREE COPY HERE* They are playing as a three piece for the last time I believe tonight. before I fully join as a drummer. so that's rad.

GRANDCHILDREN :: I played my debut as RHYTHM BANDIT with this awesome group from Philadelphia, there were some sound issues when I saw them but that should be long gone and even through the issues they managed to impress me. Complicated / crazy / indie rock with electronics infused into the mix. They're exciting.

:: Only the second live show for this noisy cville duo featuring members of St. Gods, Tiger & The Lamb, + Bear War. I'm interested to see how they evolve. It's loud looping casiotone, weird vocal samples that sound like old movie chatter, with distorted bass and random guitar. If someone scored a horror film while on speed /// nurse beach!. you go and you decide.

I won't be there! because of W fucking NRN. We have a FUND DRIVE going on and I gotta help out. I guess I should tell you to donate. If you do decide to donate, make sure it is during my show Tuesday night (tonight and next tues.) at midnight for 2 hours of mash ups and remixes on Collision Course. you can do so online, or calling 979-0919 + 1-877-967-6762

(03-22) Little Dragon + VV Brown @ Rapture (R2) (((CVILLE)))

Mr. Jeyon from Magnus Music Presented...

VV Brown :: is part of this thing I will call Neo-Britpop. Her music is inspired by 50's/Soul and has electronic tendencies. Although I really don't care for her studio material /// she is an amazing performer. Her backing band was on the money, but the band really was just HER. It was a very DYNAMIC performance, with love ballads which were sweet but not very original, and big jumping pop tunes that really had power. A cover the group did was "Best I Ever Had" by Drake. I was pleasantly confused. She used to be in a punk group called The Arigato's and she showed me her roots I guess when she threw her mic stand at the unsuspecting crowd and screamed her heart out. I respect.

LITTLE DRAGON :: a sweet ass electrock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Totally badass. The musical landscaped they create are tied to deep house music but driven to a life of soulful, jazzy and dancy music. Singer Yukimi Nagano is FIERCE and can melt you with her singin skillz, she's also not afraid to jump offstage and dance with you. The other three members don't utter a word and maintain their post of creating sweeping synth, intense low bass, and tight drums. Their set last time at the Tea Bazaar was something special, last minute venue change from the outback lodge (RIP) to the tea haus. It made for an Incredibly good time, they blew my mind at that show. I don't think I danced quite as hard for their set last night. BUT the music they were making was definitely conducive to dancing. Their album Machine Dreams is tight / check it out for sure. If you ever have a chance to go see them you really should try and make it.

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