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Sunday, March 21, 2010

(03-21) show @ random row! Comparative Anatomy / BUCK GOOTER / Floating Colors / Armageddon Community Roundtable + some other reviews of other things

I guess I'll review this event.

event was an event, it was at random row. I played in it with a group called Armageddon Community Round Table which is comprised of myself (? RHYTHM BANDIT ? bear war ? manorlady ? i guess so), Adam Smith (Invisible Hand / Great Dads / some othrr shit, like , lots of shit), Jeff Simmons (Great Dads, Wade Jefferies), Scott Ritchie (MYCEUM, the raquello's (RIP?)), John Bowman & Chris Balint (they make noise under lots of names), and tonights special guest was my friend and brother of witchmond contributer andy dandy dunlap. MATT DUNLAP with circuit bent machines. I played drums over vast landscapes of sounds. thats a lot of people making sound. it's pretty large.

band after us was Floating Colors/// fromm Fredericksburg / Culpeper / Woodbridge, Virginia

I liked them. There was a standard looking rock trio then add a man with a guitar and a synth who makes swells of noise that totally blast the rest of the band. he made some really sick loops that carried the band. it was on and off, a couple moments of their set really grabbed my mind, but a lot of it was a bit of a wash. I watched the first half of their set and then I felt I had my fill and went outside to enjoy how nice it was outside, listening to the rest from there. They could get real cool if they work out some kinks.

And then came Comparative Anatomy ///

two bassists... one is a giant rabbit, one is a giant chicken with muscles ... the drummer and the vocals are from a machine. There's also a crazy koala man. I've heard descriptions like performance art / grindcore act, but I would call then PAGAN RAPE YOU WITH ANIMALS music. I have a sneaking suspicion that their show is really just a pagan ritual. This is the second time I've seen them and I'm not sure how I feel about their set. I love the tracks they've made, and the live show is definitely entertaining (i.e. cheez facta, totally bad ass video editing, hilarious antics, etc) But I think there's something missing. It feels kinda hollow to me. The bass amps peak and aren't loud enough, and I kinda think I'd be more into it if there was a full band. Nonetheless, they're fun, and you should go see them.

to end the night... BUCK FUCKING GOOTER///

alright, I've decided. If I had to decide a top ten favorite live acts from central VA, I'd choose Buck Gooter. There's something them that I connect with in some weird deep way that I'm not in touch with. I reviewed them once before and basically in a kinda summing up way said they were a cross of Big Black and Niel Young, but they're more fucked up. so fucked up, I can't even explain it to you. Billy B and Terry Turtle are just swell. I look forward to seeing / playing / hanging with them again. ALSO go see them in their hometown of HBURG @ the Crayola House (i bet you can figure out where that shit is) on the 29th of march with the sweet group of Frenchmen called Gunslingers. ask them about their badasss floppy disk release. oh man, live music.

I'll talk about it some more,

RHYTHM BANDIT played a show in cville last night with some bands here's another set of reviews...


It was at what i believe to be called The Peninsula House. Some awesome folks live there, and they do shows! awesome. the bands...

RHYTHM BANDIT - yeah. i loop.

The Vermilions - from somewhere, lots of places, I think centralized in Fredricksburg, VA. This band was a treat, straight up check them out. Super solid garage with a tinge of a hopping country band. The singer/guitarist played a couple madd leads (whammy pedal/ big muff / through a fender = exactly) he shrieked it up on the mic and the bassist and the drummer nodded along right with it. hoppin'.

MENYA - I just love these guys. They got the bass, raw vocals, in you face. I saw them at the tea house a couple months ago, where they put on very energetic set and I was won over. They're super poppy, totally have a college party band vibe at times, but for some reason I enjoy them a lot. At this house show, there was hella sound issues, (i had to deal them too, pffthhh) so that kinda dampened their set. BUT we're buddies now, and I might play with them in either HBURG or RVA or both? I dunno what's happenin yet. but it'd be fun. On another note the son of Godzilla from the movie Final Wars is names Minya, I told MC COCO DAME about it and we've decided that a t shirt needs to be designed featuring minya for menya. I'm doing that shittttttttt.

Red Satellites - After seeing them two times already they've only gotten better. I'm starting to be familiar with they're song, and the crowd at the house show was obviosly familiar too and it made for a great time of everyone jamming out to some amazing 60's/70's glam revival muzak. Let's see... a highlight, maybe when the lead singer Kevin broke the window with his elbow and got all bloody. I think he was just trying to open the window but nonetheless, badass. See them it's worth it.




show at the triple, 21+ wouldn't let my friend Daniel in but I was allowed cause I was a band. What the fuck. There was the "tattletale" guy at the door who was notorious for "following legal rules" whatever.

Flesh Control (Leo Heizel) - 7 minutes of tension. He played a cassette for backing support, while wrenching sounds out of a violin. Sweet. I think I'm gonna release a tape with him.

David Garland - oh my gawd. straight up hilarious. He's a RVA comedy local. And he started his set with something like this, "do you every confuse shampoo with salad dressing? lately I've been washing my hair with salad dressing and eating a salad with shampoo. have you ever went to a restaurant and when they said soup or salad you thought, shampoo or salad?" ridiculous!

Tayisha Busay - Described as electro-punk from Brooklyn, they have much akin to Menya, and are actually friends with them. They are sweet as can be and break out crazy dance moves that are in your face with TITS & ASS. I like them folks. One awesome song they have is called "What the fuck you doing in my mouth?" laugh out loud.

FEMALE TOPICS - from NY used to be in a band called The New Flesh, they were some peculiar dudes. not gonna get into it, but they were nice and their set kicked ass. Imagine if jazz music was mixed into the culture of cavemen in the stone age//// THROTTLING SAXXX with delay and distortion into a marshal stack. and a drummer who's rhythm made no sense, but it made all the sense. it was all over the place and very effectively impressed me. I bought one of their tapes and accurately depicts the live show.

I played too! hehehe.

I'm too tired to accurately review the show that happened at The Bridge on the 20th, but I'll list a few thangs.

Tatsuya Nakatani - solo percussionist, wrench's out formidable and almost unearthly beautiful sounds capes. absolute genius.

Living Things
(NY) - holy cow. this was a great performance. so whack and so very different. the videos don't do it justice. I really got into their world they created and the instruments seemed alive. I sound ridiculous but it's true.

Grapefruit Experiment w/ Caustic Castle - inspired by Yoko Ono's design of the Plastic Ono Band, they made some glorious noise, lots of pedals, a guitar, and a drum set.

Ultra Aesthetics Committee - laptop vs. pedal driven vocals.

MYCEUM - Scott Ritchie when he dons the powerful aura of myceum becomes a sound architect building on a foundation of glass, delicately creating immense structure. with pedals and a keyboard.

Great Dads - Adam Smith and Jeff Simmons, they usually put on a killer set of music in one big piece. Heavily influenced by bands like Suicide

I hear a lot of that in their music. And I'm fairly certain it's what they're going for. Try and catch a set sometime.

- "We're taking the term 'dadrock' back. Fuck all haters and apostates." they played three or four songs the only one that really sticks with me is a song called something along the lines of "mothers and children?" his voice was perfectly spot on on that one, and I was taken a back by it. I want more of that awesomeness, their other matterial isn't bad, it just doesn't really go anywhere.

Jonathan Zorn had an awesome short film, I'm excited to see another sometime.

I also played this show too as RHYTHM BANDIT It might have been one of my best. it was the cville debut of the barbie guitar, well received I believe. ai yai yaii . I just played 4 shows in a row. busy weekend. oh and James from nailgun (COMPETING BLOGGGGG WRAAAAARRRR) wrote this about me

"Rhythm Bandit is the project of Cville Wunderkind Dylan Mulshine, an inspiringly precocious kid whose been tearing shit up as a live act recently, with his inventive, energetic combination of drum pads, heavy keyboard washes, loop pedals, a live microphone, and a single snare drum. It’s leaning pretty heavily for Fuck Buttons territory, but with a heavier / looser live-improv messiness which actually reminds me a fair amount of the sort of post-punk electronic experimentation that eventually became Industrial music (Throbbing Gristle etc)."

this was a long post. I know I said I was too tired to write a review but it looks like I did, and now I'm way beyond tired. I just looked at my calender. and I'm gonna be at a show everyday this week. Am I kidding. I think I ought to tone it down. or get a job. time for sleep now.



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