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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mission Of Burma N' Others @ Tyler Haynes Commons (University Of Richmond) (02-19-10)

Got to the show right as The Amoeba Men were finishing there set. There set didn't seem really anything new to me, and to be blunt i'm still on fence with this band. I really appreciated the label that Jason Hodges the vocalist of the group runs, as well as his Bermuda Triangles project, which i think incorporates his over the top vocal with a really solid almost tropical esc procession. However I've always found The Amoeba Men's sound trying to be intentionally over the top without really much substance being added with it. Basically if you dig this band thats cool, you can hate me for not being to positive on there sound, i'm just not the hugest fan, they seem like nice people though so lets stop talking shit now.

After them was Mission Of Burma. I was a little skeptical about there set. I really enjoyed there material from the 70's and 80's but just have haven't been nearly as into there new material since they reunited in 2002. However my friend Ethan convinced me that i should check out this show, and in the end i thank him for that. While the show did have a smidgen of that corny nostalgia you get from when a band reunites to play there old material, the show was still a night of very good punk rock. The band still plays with a twisted sort of punk structure, as well as still having someone who plays mod setting loop (oddly in the back of the audience, so you never see them during the night, something thought it was an amusing way to set up your show). Overall it was a fun friday night. I wasn't blown away by the show, but it was nice to finally go out to concert after the recent snow canceling a good chunk of shows, as well as seeing a show of this nature in the University Of Richmond Commons, which was a very unique and quite odd experience (It felt like they were playing in a grown ups version of Chucky Cheese, straight up just weird

Photo Courtesy Of: dusty_pen






Bryan Unger said...

here are some more photos from that show:

unfortunately you missed out on a great opening act - creta kano. their music is mostly instrumental rock, though one of their songs featured lyrics, which were sung by drew owens of nude photos of celebrities.

and i think you're right about bermuda triangles being a notch above ameoba men. it was my first time seeing them live after seeing bermuda triangles a few times in the past. i have to say i love that jsaon hodges announces the title of each song to the audience.

Andy Dunlap said...

did you take those photos dude? if so you got some pretty good shoots

and ill try to catch creta kano live next time they do a show. didn't catch there set due to getting caught up at a laser tag birthday party (it was so worth it)

Bryan Unger said...

thanks for the complement. i haven't played laser tag in too long. sounds like an awesome birthday party.

creta kano will be performing (along w/ cold toast, tungs, and a few other bands) this friday night. here's the link to the event page for more info: