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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tickley Feather / Nelly Kate @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (12-15-09)

((((camera battery is m.i.a // here is a photo of puppies in till that battery is found))))

Luckly I got to the show right as Nelly Kate was starting her set. Discovered her music this summer while hanging out at a house show in Harrisonburg. Her set took place on the roof of my friends house, and her uplifting ambient loops fit so perfectly with the sitting summer sun that night, it was basically one of the most picture perfect moment of my summer. Just as I expected her set last night was no exception to her amazing concert last summer. Same loop creations being made with vocals - guitars and synths. Basically long story I highly recommend checking her out if she's ever playing in your city, one of the best acts in VA right now.

Tickley Feather was next to play. Saw her play a couple years back without any knowledge of her material but was taken back by her catchy popish songs being created by just the use of a synthesizer and vocals, their was something just so raw and imaginative about the whole thing. However the show at the tea house was set up quite differently. Tickley feather since the last time i saw her now has a backing band, something that you would think would add to the bands sound, but instead, at least at tonights show, actually made the songs sound more jumbled and disjointed which seemed to take away from the original energy of the songs. Also throughout the night their was a barrage of sound issues and band members equipment breaking down, which added a sluggish feel from song to song that killed any concept of flow during the set. However when band members got their sounds to mix together and the sound coming out of the sound system was working correctly, the music was quite enjoyable. Overall the set was kind of a confusing yet still amusing. I don't mean to come off as harsh because i really do like Tickely Feather's music, I just felt like a lot of forces out of anybodys control got in the way of the set really coming together.

Skipped out on the last set of the night (Birdlips) to go goth clubbing with my brother, the reason for me being convinced to join him on this journey are still unknwon to me, and the stories of that excursion shall be left till another time.

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