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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


(01-16) Great Dads / Bear War / Rhythm Bandit / Red Satellites @ Costas Cave
So i've got another sick show at my house (Costas Cave). Great Dads is yet another project featuring Adam Smith of Invisible Hand Fame. This new project is very raminestant of Suicides first LP with a hint of noisy tendencies to boot. Bear War is one of better new additions to the cville music scene in 09. Synth driven rock that plays with the concept of pop music without ever turning corny. Rhythm Bandit is the sweet sick percussion driven work of Dylan Mulshine. He play a set in my house back in november and it was completely body fuck - really looking forward to what he has in store for this show. Red Satellites fill out the bill. glam rock revival that reminds me of the un-folk creations of Marc Bolan. Basically if you have any interest in attending this show just e-mail me at Chriskattan42@yahoo.com and ill deliver that address shit to you and what not

(01-19) Lonnie Walker / Zac Hryciak & The Jungle Beat @ The Triple
21+ Is Lame

(01-21) Cubscout & The Rhinocerous / Drunk Tigers / Young Adult Fiction @ The Camel
Young Adult Fiction I assume are first on the bill. Fun 90's style rock from some real chill kids from VCU. Should be totally worth showing up early to check out their set. Drunk Tigers are one of the better groups in Cville right now. Saw them when they opened for Islands back in september and definitely stole the show. Don't know much about Cubscout & The Rhinocerous but they seem to be another chill richmond popish punk band that seem to like the use on synthesizers, but I could be wrong about this being their overall sound.

(01-25) Marlo Eggplant / Leah Peah / Veelee / Gross ghost @ The Triple
21+ Is Lame

(01-29) DJ sets from Graham & Brian of Holy Fuck @ Rapture (R2) (((CVILLE)))) ((((18+))))))
I have absouletley no clue how a Holy Fuck DJ set is gonna work, but their studio material is rad electronic experiemntal infussed rock. So im just gonna make a gut decision and assume they have the possability of putting on a good DJ set.

(01-31) Drums Like Machine Guns / Nervous Sex / My Mind @ TBA n' SHIT
While I dont know where this show is taking place yet (it states tba on Nervous Sex's myspace) I can vouche that it will be worth attending (saw Drums Like Machine Guns & Nervous Sex back in October and they both put on sick noise brain fuck sets). My Mind I havent seen before but they seem to have a catchy pop punk sort of thing that could work out quite well live. Overall should be a fun way to spend your sunday night.

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Nervous Sex said...


the show is at the triple with snack truck!